Rah Cha Cha Ruckus Date Is Coming Nearer, We Need YOUR Help!

Alright, RCCRI is 19 days away, and we still could use more teams and volunteers. So who wants to step up and help make this event fun?

If you are not attending River Rage, why not come to the awesome Rochester Off season Event? There will even be a Halloween Party!

Any potential volunteers sign up here:

Any Teams who are willing to sign up go here:

The origional post with the information is here:

But some of that has changed, it will not be a two day competition, it will be one day competition with an optional day of fun events on sunday.

Currently these are the teams who have registered[this info can also be found on our site]:
Team 191 XCats- Rochester, NY
Team 1126 Sparx - Webster, NY
Team 1507 Lockport, NY
Team 1567 Shock-a-Bots - Rochester, NY
Team 1591 - Greece, NY
Team 340 GRR - Churchville, NY
Team 1511 Rolling Thunder - Penfield, NYr
Team 229 Division by Zero - Potsdam, NY
Team 1559 Devil-Tech - Victor, NY
Team 1213 - Beverly Hills, MI

I am coming and I expect an awesome time. For only $100.00, were else can so much fun be had in one place. Hope to see more teams signed up soon. You know the old saying, “The more the merrier!”. See you there. :slight_smile:

188 will be there?

I will probably be coming up on Saturday with my mini Triple Play Vex Robot for a demonstration. Quite a few people on CD have asked me to bring it! However, my team will probably not be able to come to compete. http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/images/smilies/8.gif But I have a question - may I have space (10’ by 10’) to set up my Vex demo on Saturday? Since the demo would only be for like an hour, I would be more than happy to volunteer on Saturday while not doing the demo. http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/images/smilies/4.gif


i can say unofficially that there will be space for you but there is going to be a vex room, with a few kits for people to play with so you can probably hang out there if your own space is not available. I will bring this to the committee meeting this week and let you know

Unfortunately Team 188 will not be present. At the present time our robot is , well, rather beat up. The team is also spread quite thin while mentoring 4 Lego league teams. I know that they wish they could be there. They will be at FLR this year as we chose it first. The excitement is building. There were members from 188 at FLR last year as spectators and they really pushed for attending this year.

This is a long shot - but we S.E. Michigan teams could rent a 16’ moving van, which could handle at least eight robots & stuff, at a cost of about $800.00.

Assuming eight teams go for it - With the $100 entry fee, that’s $50 cheaper than Sweet Retreat. Forget about the lodging costs - we have to sleep somewhere anyway. :rolleyes: Could go with a skelton crew only - after all, it is Halloween! :wink:

Any takers??? ROFLOL

THat would be so awesome if you guys could do that.
But we do need answers ASAP. I have t-shirts designs to turn in so let us know soon please.

Well - our teams are an awesome bunch of people, but don’t get your hopes up, Ed - it’s a lot to expect, even from them.

You’ve heard the saying?: The show must go on! I’d say, go ahead and run the shirts - what you don’t need you can shoot into the crowd at FLR - or sell some on eBay - I’d buy ten!

OTOH, if a few of our teams would consider going, but getting the robot there is holding them back, I think there’s a way we can get that done at no cost to them. I’ll check into it today - PM me if interested.

Come on people, we need more then 10 teams to make this off-season go from awesome to spooktacular ::rolleyes:: (I know it’s corny, but atleast I tried :stuck_out_tongue: ) I mean, for $100 dollars you are getting *WAY * than your moneys worth. So talk to your teams and tell them that you need, not want, but need to go to Rah Cha Cha Ruckus!!!


jay, get back to school.

yes people we need more teams to come. It has been downgraded to a one day event due to the low amount of teams.

i also still have openings in my house. ya need a place to crash. pm me.

Yes folks thats right, its only one day ONE DAY OnE dAy!!!
So go go go! hop on that wagon and go go go! Its gunna be the coolest thing since… uh… something really cool!
And, there are fun events if you can stay for DAY TWO! [which is optional]**

Come on guys, just under 13 days until Ruckus and we still need volunteers and teams to compete, just send a skeleton crew if you have to, but make the trip to beautiful Rochester (area), NY for an awesome off-season!!


hey guys…just found out i may be going up for the weekend to check it out. I’m sorry i can help volunteer, but it will be good to go to an off-season competition an check it out! Hopefully see ya’ll up there.

Are you bringing 176 with you?http://boards.buffalobills.com/forums/style_emoticons/default/pout.gif

Alrite guys,
Its coming even closer. Last night was a committee meeting, and I gotta tell you its gunna be an awesome event. There is even gunna be a fun suprise at the Halloween Party! :slight_smile: Lets just say it could be interesting and funny. So, I guess the only way you can find out is if you come!
Its gunna be a lot of fun and heck its FIRST, its garunteed fun! hehe.

So more volunteers and teams and whoever!!! SIGN UP! Because we love you!

Okay, so I go a little overboard with sucking up. But hey, I do love you! :slight_smile:

i’ll open the house to any one. just pm me if interested.