RahChaCha - Call for pictures

I couldn’t find time to take pictures - so I handed my camera over to someone else - who managed to take 28 shots of not much in particular.

I need to generate an article for the TACOM Report and could really use some good action shots. Looking for that quintessential shot in the finals - but will settle for almost anything other than the driver’s backsides :eek:

Thanks in advance,


We got a fair amount of photos taken from Ruckus (about 200 or so.)

Team website gallery
flickr gallery

Go ahead and use what ones you want to. That’s what they’re there for!

Team 1511 (RollingThunder from penfield High School) has a photo collection of the RaChaCha Ruckus at:

I also shot some video of the event, but it’s mostly team 1511. I hope to post a short MPEG of the awards ceremony to this same URL by early January (or contact me offline)