Rainbow Rumble@WPI

Hey Everyone,

I am thrilled to announce that WPI will be hosting Rainbow Rumble@WPI this September! We’ve been collaborating closely with the original Rainbow Rumble Crew in Michigan to ensure this event is the most inclusive and vibrant it can be. At WPI, our core values include diversity, inclusion, and belonging, making us the perfect host for this exciting event.

Why LGBTQIAP+ Inclusion Matters

Inclusion of the LGBTQIAP+ community is essential to fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance in any environment. Events like Rainbow Rumble not only celebrate diversity but also provide a safe space for individuals to express their true selves. By supporting LGBTQIAP+ inclusion, we contribute to a world where everyone is respected and valued, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. One of the unique aspects of Rainbow Rumble@WPI is the involvement of on-campus groups. We will have tables set up that represent diverse clubs and organizations throughout WPI. This provides a wonderful opportunity for participants to engage with different communities and learn more about the resources and support available on our campus and surrounding community.

We Need Your Input

We want to hear from you, our community about what works best for you. We have two options for the event format:

  1. Two-Day Event (September 7-8):
  • 40-48 teams
  • Traditional district event format
  • Practice matches on the morning of day 1, followed by qualification matches
  • Continue qualification matches and enter the elimination tournament on day 2.
  1. One-Day Event (September 7):
  • 32-36 teams
  • Compressed schedule
  • Filler line practice matches on load-in the night before
  • Immediate start to qualification matches Saturday morning, followed by a quick playoff structure in the afternoon.

We also want your input on which radio to use:

  1. VH-109 (New Radio)
  2. OM5P-AC (Old Radio)

Cast Your Vote in the Comments

If your team is interested in attending Robot Rumble@WPI, please use the comment section below to to cast your vote on the event format and radio type. Voting will be open until June 26. Event and volunteer registration will open on June 28 at 5 PM EST. Your input is invaluable in helping us create an event that is enjoyable and inclusive for everyone.

By participating in Rainbow Rumble@WPI, you’re not just attending an event; you’re joining a movement that celebrates and supports LGBTQIAP+ inclusion. Let’s come together to create a welcoming and affirming environment for all.

Let’s make Rainbow Rumble@WPI an unforgettable celebration of diversity and inclusion!

See you in September! :rainbow:


WPI’s Robotics Resource Center Team (Nick, Colleen, and Amanda)


Definitely interested, two day off seasons are a different dynamic which I really enjoy.

We’re fairly close so don’t have to worry about overnight accommodations, so my bias is showing.

Definitely prefer the new radio


I’m with Aaron, a two day event with new radios would be awesome!

Very much looking forward to this event, a wonderful idea and really hope we get to be a part of it!


Old radios would be nice so teams without the budget for the new radio will be able to participate. I’d be all for the new radios if loaner units would be provided, though!


This is awesome! Super thankful that WPI hosts so many great events.

A two day event would be ideal. New radios as long as they remain in stock for a reasonable amount of time.

Radios will be ready to ship by Monday 04/29. Once the initial batch orders are sold, the radio will be back ordered until August 2024.

Edit: radios in stock may not be as big of a concern

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Rainbow Rumble Michigan folks are so excited that we get to partner with WPI to host the first version of RR outside of Michigan! I can’t wait to come hang out in September to see y’alls version.


Cant wait to see you @Jon_K. We are so excited to be apart of the amazing Rainbow Rumble community and have been chosen to be the first outside of Michigan event!


It is awesome to see an amazing event like this spreading to other areas! Great job Nick, Colleen, and Amanda! Thank you so much!


$180 is peanuts compared to season registration and also likely less than the event’s registration, so I’m not sure this is really a valid concern.

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It’ll depend on the team. 2084 has a very tight budget, and paying $180 for a radio that we’d get in the KOP four months later doesn’t seem like the best use of funds.


It’d also be difficult for us to get a new radio for this, since it is before school gets going and we don’t have purchasing access over summer break. I don’t know if any other school-affiliated teams are in the same situation, but they might be.


Michigan team here with the same issue, it’s pretty common for schools to “close the office” over the summer.


I like the 48 team two day event.


Further wrinkle, even if the order is placed before school ends, it needs to also arrive before the building is closed. Many schools are not a fan of having items they purchase shipped to someone’s personal address (even over summer).

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2 Day event, new radios, seeing as our team missed out on the only other 2 day event nearby(battlecry lol), I would love to have another open up.

Strange, we’re a school team but we get all control of our budget (but not of our space) so we can buy stuff during the summer just getting it delivered is much harder. We don’t get any funding from the school so that might change the situation a bit.

We don’t get money from the school, but the money is put in a school bank account so we have to go through school purchasing departments to use our money. If those people are off for the summer then no purchases will be made even though we have money sitting there.


2 day event sounds like a blast from a volunteer perspective! I think if you want to encourage more teams to come who may be on a lower budget, use the old radios just for simplicity and the fact that it’s a good starting point for incoming freshmen to learn how to program and configure them.

I will be eagerly awaiting a volunteer registration form.


Team 1073 here! We are interested in attending Rainbow Rumble! We would prefer a one-day event and the old radios. So excited to see how the event turns out!

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From a team that goes to a lot of offseason events, this is my feedback (but we won’t be coming to your event).

In Michigan, there is a big core of teams in that area (100+), especially in the Detroit area, but the old Rainbow Rumble location was about 60-90 minutes outside of that core. I don’t know if the WPI area can sustain that many teams coming to an event, and making it a 2 day event means the further away teams need a hotel too.

For the first Rainbow Rumble, they had 15 teams (according to Blue Alliance, my memory was hazy, we had 2 of the teams there, and the double round robin playoffs took FOREVER). I’ve been to other offseason events, and some struggle to get to 24 teams to make a playoff, especially in their first year. (Big Bang 2019 and 2022, MARC 22-23, etc) I think being a first year event, you might struggle to get to the team levels you are targeting.

Now, from a team perspective, if the team can bring enough people, the 2 day events are nicer. You can play 12+ matches at the event, and cycle drivers through training. The 1 day events usually only play ~6 qual matches, so it’s harder to run more than 1-2 drive teams. Also, if you have a 2 day event, try to make sure every team will get a chance to play on both days. The schedule at Rainbow Rumble worked out that they played extra matches day 1, and then day 2 we didn’t get any matches before playoffs while other teams did. Just make sure everyone gets a chance to warm up before playoffs. (They gave all the alliances 10 minutes on half a field to get ready for playoffs, a nice compromise)

Another consideration is the amount of people the teams will bring. In most the offseason events we go to, the teams only have ~1/3 their typical presence at the events. That means less scouts for matches, less members to repair robots, etc. Please give the teams more time between matches, as especially smaller events (~25 teams) means you play on average every 4 matches, but can have 2-3 match turnaround regularly.

While our teams can’t come (too far from MI), I hope you guys have a great event! @Jon_K is a great ref and will be a great ambassador for your event! (our teams have been to the MI Rainbow Rumble the last 2 years and competing this year)

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