Rainbow STEM Alliance - Reaction to FIRST Champs in Texas, RSA Impact and Tips for Inclusion - FUN Spotlight

We’re bringing an old show back (our second one ever)! FUN Spotlight will highlight organizations that are benefiting those in the FIRST community with a big impact. If your organization is interested in being interviewed please send me a DM and let me know more about what you do.

First episode is with Jon Kentfield from the Rainbow STEM Alliance. Jon discusses RSA reaction to FIRST keeping championships in Texas, how the RSA is impacting members in FIRST and tips for inclusion in your teams and in every day life.
On YouTube: https://youtu.be/tx5xdCA86Go
Also on Podcast anywhere and: https://anchor.fm/firstupdatesnow/episodes/FUN-Spotlight-Ep-1-Rainbow-STEM-Alliance---Champs-Reaction-and-Tips-for-Inclusivity-e1k24ea



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