Raised Border Around the Rendezvous Point?

I’m talking with my teammates trying to figure out if that 1 inch raised barrier around the shield generator is still there.

We read something about tape there but none of us can find specifically what we’re looking for. Does that mean they removed it and replace it with tape?

Yeah it’s been EDIT: (partially, see below) replaced with tape, but that only applies if in-person comps are happening. For right now, most of what you need from that game manual are the ROBOT rules, because the skills challenges require compliance.

As written there are still some BOUNDARIES (the steel barriers) around the Rendezvous Point. The summary states that the boundaries closest to each trench run were removed (replaced with tape and moved) and the black boundaries in the middle of each alliance’s rendezvous point are removed (replaced with nothing). However the other boundaries are still in place.

Section 3.2 also shows this because the boundaries are still included in the definition

RENDEZVOUS POINT: a 6 ft. 9¾ in. (~208 cm) wide, 12 ft. 6¾ in. (~383 cm) deep, infinitely tall volume formed by ALLIANCE colored BOUNDARIES, ALLIANCE colored tape, and the black BOUNDARY pair that divides the Red and the Blue BOUNDARIES. The RENDEZVOUS POINT includes the ALLIANCE colored BOUNDARIES and ALLIANCE colored tape.

Figure 3-4 also has a fairly clear photo that shows the remaining boundaries and the items replaced with tape.

Some* have been replace with tape mostly to make climbing easier, if you want to cross the field trhough the rendezvous you still need to pass over the bumps



They removed the bar that are drive shook the robot over to deploy arms when the got stuck! I’m good with it, but have to fix the sticking for sure.

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Alright, thank you. We were debating for an hour

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yeah the image in the manual isn’t the best, luckly the game animation does a better job at showing the difference(someone else did the second image kudos to them)