Raising the Bar

The LuNaTeCs are raising the bar.



You’re missing the fifth bar :smiley:

Haha yea, we are. It was the best we could do tho. Nobody is taller than the tallest guy, and the girl on the end is the shortest on the team. haha. We’re all around the same height, so it was amazing we could even do that. :slight_smile:

You need a box.:smiley:

Hahah why a box??

Yeah, Molten… A Segway would probably do. Or a portable bleacher

Thats true.

Haha ok, now that makes sense to me. There were things that we probably could have had somebody step on to have the 5 bars, but since our team is small, we were the only 4 people who weren’t doing something at the time. haha