Rally in the Valley 2019: this time in Vermont!

Chief Delphi: FRC Teams 95,885, 2370, 2523, and 6933 are proud to bring you Rally in the Valley 2019!

This will be the first FRC event of any sort in Vermont, come join us to be part of this historic moment. Our venue is small, so we will be limiting registration to 20 additional teams, first come first served.

Event website here.

If there is sufficient interest we will evaluate holding a team social at the Montshire Museum of Science, which is a ton of fun. Please respond to this thread in regards to the team social.


20 teams in addition to the host teams or 20 teams total?

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Looks like they are doing a total of 25 teams.

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25 Teams total, so we can fill out the eliminations bracket. Possibly with us (95) sitting as the backup team. Or if one team misses attending for (pick a disaster) we still have 24.

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6328 filled out the registration form and we would totally be down for the museum team social! We are excited to attend!


So glad to see this event take shape!

3467 will see if it fits in our schedule and hopefully sign up. Governors Cup (NH State Champs) is the week after, however there hasn’t been any information released so we are trying to make sure we don’t commit to too much that soon after school starts.


Signed up to Volunteer!


Is there a tentative team list?


How many teams are you looking for at a minimum?

We haven’t established a minimum, but we will give it some thought.

If there are still open spots when we get closer to the event date, 6328 has a second bot we would be interested in bringing.

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That would be great!

Cool, let me know as we get closer! It’s always fun when Mechanical Disadvantage makes an appearance :smirk:


Might not be able to attend but looking forward to the stream!

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We are going to cancel RitV for 2019.

I have to step down from the event’s leadership role to focus on a family concern: my youngest is getting prepared for cochlear implant surgery. Currently this is no one else prepared to take over my duties and our primary venue location will be out of commission for the event.

Thank you all for the responses so far. We will be looking to host the event in 2020.

Mods: can you please change the thread title by appending “CANCELLED”?


Sad to see the event cancelled but I totally understand why. Goodluck to you and your family.


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