Rally In The Valley Some Openings Still Available for May 18th

Rally In The Valley Invitational Competition hosted by Team 95 (The Grasshoppers. Please contact Dolores.A.Currier@Hithcock.org or call 603-469-3624to register and request additional information. We still have some available openings and would love to see your team at Rally. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Team 271 would LOVE to go, but we are not sure if our bot will be back in time! We went to Nats and we were told to expect a max of a month for shipping. I would like to know if any other teams are having the same problem, or can assure me that it will be back in time;) We have no problem with getting it to the comp, or getting people or money to go, we just donโ€™t know if the bot will be back from FL by then!! If anyone can assure us that it will be back, yes I know youโ€™re not FEDEX people, but maybe youโ€™ve had a similar situation, then we will register IMMEDIATLEY hehe
Catch you people later!