Rally in the Valley?

Does anyone have any info on Ralley in the Valley? I know it’s May 10th but I don’t have any other info…also, does anyone have any info on Mayhem on the Merrimack? If you do, please e-mail me @ [email protected] or reply to this post…thanks:D

Info & A link on this thread:

According to the Rally Cordinator

Team 238
Team 88
Team 885
Team 190
Team 501
Team 121
Team 195
Team 213
Team 134
Team 95

The coordinator believes that teams are not signing up because some teams have not yet received their robot back yet. We just ours back 2 days ago, so I can see where some people are not signing up.

As for Mayhem you can find all of their info on their website @

I just wanted to post some encouragement for teams to get in on these competitions if you haven’t signed up. Both Ralley and Mayhem are an absolute blast every year! The competition is tough, the areas are nice…its just an awsome experience. Oh, and I’m sure there will be no snow at Ralley like there was last year! Sign Up! I promise you wont be dissapointed =)

Good Luck,
-Andy Grady

88 is going to Rally, Merrimack, Battlecry, and River Rage… We are still waiting for our robot… They say probably tuesday to get it back…

To add on to Kyle’s list, the following teams have confirmed they will be coming:


This brings the total up to 13.

I am not sure how many are still waiting to confirm, but we are confident of having ~20.

-Andy A.

hey everyone…although 88 and 88.8 didn’t exactly win today, we did have a blast…thanks to everyone in lebanon and andy (the announcer, i’m not sure if your the one who started the post) you did a fantastic job anouncing today…

Our announcer was Andy Grady.

He was to say the least, fantastic.

His name is also Andy, which rates him pretty high in my book regardless.

-Andy A.

Hi all,

Thank you for your compliments, I greatly appreciate them. Ralley was a blast. Given all the technical confusion, and rules confusion of the day, I think that everyone did an excelent job in making this a very fun and exciting event. The heroes of the day…the Lebanon Scoring crew and the staging crew. Those kids did an excelent job of pulling the competition together in the face of adversity, and they deserve all the credit in the world!

Andy Grady

Ok first an apology, I was suppose to be the head ref at Rally in the Valley and due to some sudden conflictions with school I had to at the last minute withdraw from what I volunteered for. I apologize for this but truly if I could have gone I would have and I’m hitting myself for it as we speak. Question 1 to my team if you see this how did we have TWO TEAMS. Lastly, what were the results of the competition.

Well Todd we decided to enter hammer head the robot from 2 years ago… Didn’t do too well… 88 finished 11th and 88.8 finished 12th… haha… there were only 12 teams there though… All teams made it to the play offs and both robots lost in the first round…