Ramblings of a Heavy Heart

As much of the CD community may have observed, the forum policy of Chief Delphi has been changed, as noted in the following thread: CD Rules Update (games and other off-topic threads)

This change has a pronounced, if not ecliptic, effect on the subcommunity Chief Delphi Forum Mafia, of which I have been an active member for nearly a year. In light of this change, it is difficult to see how this community, along with all the friendships I have gained from it, can continue in a meaningful capacity.

It has been a few hours since the change took place, but in the hours immediately following the change, I chose to simultaneously immortalize and alleviate my state of mind by writing. After a few hours, and sharing it with some of these closer friends, I have deemed it appropriate to share these thoughts with the CD community at large.

I hope that, by laying my heart bare on the subject, I can start the necessary process for me to heal from this hurt, and then move on in whatever direction is best.


I feel you, but the CD you speak of was an inadvertent result of the change of forum operating system. One that ended up taking up to many resources from the primary mission of the CD forums.

Instead of just giving up, look for ways/sponsorships to create a new FRC Gaming forum.


I mean the entire gaming section isn’t dead. It’s just the mafia subset that’s been shutdown.


There’s always FRC Reddit or Discord for that stuff, right? Reddit has unlimited funds, and Discord was literally built for games.


I don’t participate in the gaming section, so I don’t know the extent of the impact of the new forum rules in that subforum.

I was simply offering advice to someone that is having issue with the rule change. I encourage all students to not give up, but find other ways forward.


me looking at the usernames on any FRC Mafia thing



You know there are many websites dedicated to forum mafia right…


I’d be happy to have a conversation with anyone and everyone who has insight or issues. I am however disappointed that someone in the community came forward and said they were hurt by others actions and it took literally 3 posts before the memes came into play.
If you want to keep this conversation go move it to a PM. Don’t mock someone elses feelings.


Please. Take a step back from Chief Delphi. Breathe. There’s more to life than forum mafia. Please find something better to do with your time and your youth. Sure it might be fun, but I bet there’s something more fun you could do with your time that involves talking to people in person (I say this as someone with social anxiety issues). And if you truly find nothing is more fulfilling, there are other places you could play forum mafia. I promise.


Here is my response to this issue as a active member of mafia

I really am sad about what happened today. I am talking about the death of CDFM as we know in on our platform and like many of my other friends from the US and Canada I want to try and save it so I am going to share what CD mafia has done for me in the year that I have been a part of it.
I will start with why I joined CD in the first place, I joined to ask a open ended question on how teams layed out their electrical systems to try and help my team; I then left for a few months and then created another topic on the same issue and did not come back until I logged on to see what was new and was greeted with the new discourse layout which I was excited for and then I saw the mafia games, I was to shy to join the first 2 that I saw but joined in the 5th game and I loved it so I stayed and while I was playing mafia I was trying to participate as much as I could with questions asked about FRC as it was build season and I kept on going and going, it was addictive almost and during all this I was making new friends, real life friends, friends who help me through the hardest of times in both FRC an real life and friends who I try to repay with that same stuff but will never be as good as and the most important of all, friends I can relate to. I have met 4 people in real life that I met from mafia and still talk to one of them almost every day but that is not including all the people that I have not met in real life but still talk with. One of these people I treat as one of my best friends, I have told them things that I have not told people that I know in real life and all of this is because of a game we play on a forum about making robots. I have no idea what it would be like to not have something that have helped me through some of the hardest days of my life and even to the highest extent I have made a better relationship with one of my own teammates because of CD mafia! Mafia has noticeably made my life better and happier and it would pain me to see it go.


I have no idea what Chief Delphi Mafia is or that it existed.

As others have said, there are numerous other sites better equipped for the game-related topics that have been removed. Those who were passionate about this should find a way to set that up and run it themselves (reddit, discord, both good options). I think it’s reasonable that Brandon and the admin/mod staff not be expected to regulate these topics on top of every other part of CD they already have to handle.



Andrew-- Sorry you’ve lost a 3rd place, that always really hurts. You are welcome to join ours!


I’m pretty sure there were people in the mafia threads smart enough to set up their own discourse instance (or buy a hosted instance from someone else) if they want to keep things going.

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They liked combining FRC and mafia. It was a fun way to make friends and be a bit more personal with members of teams nationwide. I never have and never will make real friends online as l am a natural social misfit but I can feel for what good things they lost.


That said, l do think the mods made the best choice. They are not heartless people and cars greatly for this community.


I wanted to leave this post alone, I really did but this needs to be said.
As someone who works with kids who have faced trauma. If you encounter an individual who is struggling with emotions or experiencing any form of trauma or stress especially youth and you don’t know how to handle it…

  1. Don’t blow them off saying everything is fine and to get over it
  2. Refer them to a resource or a person who can appropriately handle the situation

Anyone whose job, hobby, or activities puts them around youth should be ready to face that situation, especially mentors.


Thank you for your kind words and support.

I know that the mods have always had the best for CD at heart. While this is a tough pill to swallow, I understand that they are doing what they think is best.

I have in the past enjoyed participating in all sorts of discussions on CD, even if FM was a more constant source of interaction.

This long after the change, I think I have calmed down considerably, and I can say that I will very likely continue to enjoy the public discussion. With less of a purpose or demand that I be on, I will probably have a smaller presence than I have in the past. But with the clairity that comes from a bit of time, I think that CD will not be “ruined” for me, as I feared before.

I know that we will do what we can to keep CDFM alive in some capacity. Many of the suggestions here we have in fact already discussed. I’m still hoping we can find a solution, but that’s still uncertain.

I suppose that some of my initial grief was due at least in part to the sheer suddenness of the change. To the best of my knowledge, the first sign that our games would be against any rule was when tyler locked and deleted our ongoing game. I am personally willing to extend good faith to the moderators on this, but I know some other players feel that this treatment is unfair.

Perhaps it is best for CD, as the moderators think, that CDFM goes away. But many of us wish that the moderators had been a little more clear with us what their expectations were, rather than affecting a sudden death on the community.


Glad we “met” through mafia and through a series of fortunate? events ended going to college together (and spending an extra half a summer early there :sweat_smile:).
While FM going away is definitely a bummer, I’m glad to have gotten to interact with a whole swath of people I wouldn’t have otherwise met.


I originally came to CD asking for help with an issue our team had on bag night last year. Later in that same season after our team had done it’s battery testing I sent out a warning thread to the FIRST community letting them know what we had found with the 2019 KOP battery. In April I had some free time in my marketing class. so I was browsing CD when I came across FRC Mafia Game 7 Signups. so I decided to try it out and play some. SO I played M7 and have kept playing and trying to answer FRC related questions to the best of my abilities.

I am deject to learn today after walking my neighbors dog (a Welsh Pembroke corgi) that CDFM will no longer be a thing. I am upset because I have made a family here. I am part of my high school’s drumline, that is one of my flamlies. My robotics team is another family that I have. But the one that I am probably the most open and able to help and be helped by is the one that I become a part of here on CD with our great Forum Mafia group. None of my other families that I am a part of compare to this wonderful family of CDFM people.

I have met some of these people in real life at robotics competitions that I probably never would have talked to or gotten to know outside of this wonderful community that we have here. I have had a ton of fun with these people. I have told this group of people some of my personal issues that I have had going on in the past and they helped me through them, I knew that I could count on the. I have helped people through some of their own issues too. We have our own inside jokes that we get and laugh at. This group of people is a group that I will often ask questions about robot related things that I don’t bother asking in a brand new thread on CD because I know that this wonderful group of people will be able to help me find my answer that I want and keep helping me work through it. I know that I can tell these people anything and they will help me through it

This may come as a shocker to some people but I have actually used mafia for school. my sophomore year I wrote a paper in physiology about how mafia effects people’s brains and their thinking behind it along with some of the though process. in English that same year for a personal narrative story, I wrote about M9 and the flavor that I wrote for that game.

I have helped people get through tough times in their life. The people on here have also helped me get through some tough times in their life. Even though I have only met 3 of the people on here in person I feel close to all of them. I don’t know if anyone else out there has experienced that but this is something I will never forget and to all of you people out there that complained about CDFM to you I say come and join a game, see what it is like. First has a saying, its more than just robots. We have a saying in our group. Come for the robots, Stay for the mafia.