Ramp alternatives?

I’ve heard and seen alot of discussion about ramps. This is an obvious solution for the endgame, but I was just wondering if anyone out there is using a lift system instead of ramps? Or any other method?


There have been many discussions about Lifts v. Ramps

Hoverbots, of course!!

(Sorry I just had to)

but whats going to power it after the match is over?

A lift could be kept up after ower is turned off if it is a pneumatic piston on a dual action solenoid. These solenoids have three positions: extend (fwd = 1, rev = 0), middle(fwd = 0, rev = 0), which doesn’t change the current state, and reverse(fwd = 0, rev = 1). Turning off the bot should only put the fwd and rev to zero, leaving an extended lift extended and judgable.

But would the robot have to be turned back on to get the other robots off the field?

That is what humans are for. Besides, once a bot is lifted, it is easier for humans to pick it up.

In the past, robots have never been powered back on to get them off the field. Take it to the pit and restore it to it’s original configuration.