Ramp bots probably won’t work and here’s why



Congratulations on it working, but I believe the point of the post is strategically, it is not efficient or advisable to dedicate your whole robot to that for a potential of 9 points.


For those of you who say that building a ramp bot that can also do hatch covers and cargo is impossible please stay tuned!


I agree with @Frcmntr
Keep an eye out, some ramp bots are more than meets the eye…


There is one that works, trust me.


Nice job on getting it to work. What did you use to extend the ramp down?


Our method is drawer slides and gravity


Sorry for the late response, we used c-channel with carpet mounted on it as a guide for a steel plate that extends in the video. The steel plate is attached by rope to a winch system on a 200:1 ratio versaplanetary gearbox on a bag motor. Our robot extends the steel plates with the winches and the climbing team drives up the plates onto the carpeted c-channel and onto level 3.


Cool, thanks for elaborating


Its also hard to line up. Teams had problems lining up on our ramps last year due to visibility, and there will be less visibility this year with perhaps more precision needed. They’ll need to have practice ramps and teamd with drive trains that can do it.


Visibility wont be a problem this year. Last year the switch blocked the view and it was halfway across the field. And there is more than enough room between the cargo ship and where the robot would climb onto a ramp.


From the side driver stations, and with how aligned you have to be, it will be more of a problem than people realize.


Here is a view from our lab.
We use the classroom that is next to the lab as our drivers station.
yes the glass is a bit hazy but you can see that the visibility is much better than last year.
We will be adding markings and landing strip LED for alignment at our first regional.
Should look great, landing strip style!


Yes but from the side stations this is not the view you get. It’s not impossible just another challenge with ramps. I wish you guys luck with this I love ramp bots but there are challenges with then that become more apparent as you play with them.


Here is a view from the field side…

We figured this is wide enough to accommodate most robots and quite a bit of misalignment.
We did have panels on our climber that allowed two robots on the HAB before we climb.
It was removed since we figured everyone lining up correctly might take too long and wouldn’t have enough time to climb.

The robot driving up in the video previously is from Power Up and has a mixture of 6 inch wheels (traction and omni). It was also running in its high gear range which is close to the KOP drive train.

I will look to see if we have some video from our “mock” side drivers station.
So much media spread across the team. Still working on getting it all at one source.


@TikiTech Is that panel on the back within frame perimeter? It’s hard to tell from the angle of the picture, but it looks very close


Yet it is! It is in by a half inch at its furthest point in rotation.
We must of measured it 50 times… anytime we did an iteration it was checked.
It does look quite large though… :grin:

The pivot point for the ramp is several inches inside the perimeter. So that panel is longer than 30 inches. We did that to catch structural support from the robot and not the hinge prior to the transition to the next panel.


What is the angle of the ramp and what is the wheel clearance of the Power up bot? Did the bumpers of the power up bot get stuck at the bottom of the ramp or is your ramp low enough of a slope where it does not get caught?

I saw another team video where their ramp was just a slight bit to steep so the average robots’ bumpers made contact with the ramp before the wheels could drive it up onto the ramp. I thought I would let u know about this just in case.

But otherwise great job on a cool Ramp Bot!


So what about robots that climb there own ramps!?!?


The slope is 18.5 ish degrees.
The P-U robot is on 6 inch wheels. It is a 6 wheel WCD, standard drop center.
Our reversible bumper bottoms were flush with the 1x2 frame bottom. That makes the bumper approximately 2 inches from the floor. I can measure that bot later today during our session.
We did not have issues catching the front bumper on the ramp.
I will say that we will not allow a 4 inch dive train up… we will just hang on our own.