Ramp bots probably won’t work and here’s why


Also depending on your bumper situation if you have an extra cylinder you could put on to push the ramp back up. It was suggested to us to try and add a non motorized system at our week zero match in case a robot is climbing and runs out of time that they could still get some points.


When I see a ramp bot and think maybe we should climb it…giphy


I think the ramp hate has gone a little too far. The biggest issue with ramps isn’t that ramps are inherently bad, but the typical team that creates a ramp bot usually isn’t the most competitive team. Go back and watch some teams from 2007 (12 years ago!) when top teams made ramps, and there were many really really good ramps. The issue is the team’s that could make a really successful ramp are finding out it’s better to climb up themselves or, even better, climb up with another robot(s).

I’m really excited to watch 3880 this year. I think their ultra-wide ramp with solo climber is a great strategy and design.


We figured it out and have gotten successful climbs at our first regional.


Awesome! nice to hear that… Are these events streaming on TBA?






Dont leave us hanging, what did you do?


Agreed, I am also sort of curious…


We added 80/20 squares to the bottom of our ramps close to our hinges so that when deployed our ramps rest on the downward slope of HAB1. Then we pull forward so that the ramps touch the carpet and then our alliance mates get to HAB3 we pull back in raising our ramps up ~1”


4309 just ramped 2928 to level 3 at MV. Looks like theyre doing prrtty good with them.


Actually, the top of the bumper zone is 7 1/2" above the floor.

R25. Except as allowed per G23, BUMPERS must be located entirely within the BUMPER ZONE, which is the volume contained between the floor and a virtual horizontal plane 7½ in. (~19 cm) above the floor in reference to the ROBOT standing normally on a flat floor. BUMPERS do not have to be parallel to the floor.


There was a successfully deployed ramp bot at the Palmetto Regional as well, with a few good lvl3 climbs. The drawback was the one others have mentioned: it had no other mechanisms (nor much room to add them) and spent the entire rest of the match playing defense. Even that wasn’t overly effective, since the nature of the ramps made it less maneuverable than the bots it was generally defending against and thus not very effective as a defender.


we successfully deployed our ramp a few times (all 3 times in QF), before that in quals people were not wanting to try it. See the video from QF3-2 here:
6117 Wingspan successful ramp QF3-2


I think the biggest downside isn’t the lack of space that restricts scoring, but that reliability is decreased by two-fold. A bot that can do lvl 3 hab climb by themselves only needs to deal with itself. Ramp bot needs to deal with both itself and another bot. Week 1 bots might not even show up or move, so reliability (which I think is key to winning) is very low with ramp bots. My team was also just a lvl 1 cargo and hatch bot, but we built a lvl 3 hab climb (we really designed a robot around it), sacrificing a lot to get it working. Result is at VAHAY, we climbed in 10 of our 11 quals (had 1 failure because another robot did not move from lvl 1 and we had to climb lvl 2 instead) and went 11-0 and ranked 1st. Later went on to win in a tight playoff series. At VAGLE, 364 did the same thing: good lvl 1 play and lvl 3 hab climb which got them rank 1 and winner.

TLDR; Ramp bots have the downside of low reliability which is crucial to winning using hab points, but the idea of a dedicated lvl 3 hab climber with lvl 1 cargo and hatch mechanisms dominated at CHS.


it really comes down to the level of teams at your event. we focused low (Can do level 1 cargo and hatch) then our ramps can easily be added or removed depending on the strategy of our alliance (Note every time we add/remove them we need to be re-weighed).

Having the ramp gives us the ability to focus on what our team could feasibly manage during build season, at the same time it allows us to take another team that may be good at one task and make them capable of a lvl 3 HAB. Per week 1 events we seen the scores were generally within a small margin which means every last point counts.

As seen in our video, long as your driver can drive straight-ish you should make it up the ramp.
The key issue I seen from most ramp bots this past weekend was that they only folded out in one direction, where if they folded out wider as well it gives a team with no previous experience with your bot, the most amount of assistance as possible. we still have ~2" we can extend our ramp as well. being able to take a no-climb capable robot that can score well with cargo or Hatches then give them the climb capability with a bit of area on top of our robot frame we were able to get the climb points to contend with the alliances that had level 3 hab robots (we expected a low number of lvl 3 climb bots)

In our case we learned from one of the other teams that successfully did the ramp before us at the event, and we then changed out our climb surface material to the similar materials that they had applied and this helped us in elims.


Right, my argument against ramp bots is that bots with the same lvl 1 focus, but can climb themselves and sacrificing as much space and weight as ramp bots, are more reliable and in my opinion, a better bot. My dislike of ramp bot designs is that they rely on other bots to utilize a mechanism that a lot of space and weight was sacrificed for, not the idea that lvl 1 cargo & hatch play plus lvl 3 hab was bad. Of course, if it works for you, then it works. For us, self-propelled lvl 3 works for us.


Just gonna leave this here…


How bout a ramp bot that climbs its own ramps and can do everything else too


We were one of the successful Palmetto teams and we designed the robot for low hatches, ramps, and defense. We were “Wedgie!”

While we have plenty of room for iteration, we felt that the choice we made was good for our team and our fabrication capabilities. We have a plan for SMR and ramp improvements as well as correcting for what we saw at comp. We also have improvements we had to make due to rules interpretations.

Ramp bots are not the meta, but we wont rule ourselves out just yet.