Ramp bots probably won’t work and here’s why


Confused by “the meta” here - there are certainly metagaming aspects to the presence of ramp robots in alliance selection, even if they are not necessarily the #1 robot it is possible they will influence selections accordingly. Not sure what “the” signifies…


Sorry, “The Meta” refers to what we experienced at Palmetto. We are using the “Most Effective Tactic Available” definition. We noticed from our small data set and lack of ramp bots at comp, that ramps are not going to be “the meta” this year. Regardless, we will look to improve so that we offer some more desirable functionality at our next regional.


Honestly, I have never seen a better defense bot for pushing! An your hatch placement was as near perfect as I’ve ever seen. Beautiful job. We were really tempted to pick you!


Ill oneup you with sound


You (and your robot inspector) should read I3:

I3. Bring it all to Inspection. At the time of Inspection, the ROBOT must be presented with all MECHANISMS (including all COMPONENTS of each MECHANISM), configurations, and decorations that will be used on the ROBOT without re-inspection. It is acceptable, however, for a ROBOT to play MATCHES with a subset of the MECHANISMS that were present during Inspection. Only MECHANISMS that were present during the Inspection may be added, removed or reconfigured between MATCHES. If MECHANISMS are changed between MATCHES, the reconfigured ROBOT must still meet all Inspection criteria.

You should have been able to have both configurations inspected, and (provided you didn’t add something else when you took off the ramp that increased weight) switched back and forth as desired.


This is only true if the sum of the weight of both configurations, minus common parts, is under the weight limit. If the team was adding ballast to bring their weight back up to 125, for example, then they would need a reinspection each time.


Thanks for pointing this out, will review with the LRI at our next event


The post simply talked about removing the ramp, not adding anything. To cover that, I added:


Does the 30 inch extension apply within habitat or just in field?


30" extension applies everywhere. The Bumper Zone rule is waived in the HAB Zone.


We have a robot with a strong and capable hatch mechanism (floor pickup and loading station) and a ramp that’s like no other. We’ll post something soon…


Well, two weeks down. Has this hypothesis aged well? It seems to me that ramps aren’t doing great, but I have admittedly watched only a few competitions. Have any ramp bots ranked in the top eight anywhere? Have any won their events?


Does it matter if they have? Look at all the successful designs that aren’t ramp bots but are similarly complex. There was a bucket bot that captained an alliance in the playoffs. More importantly look at all the terrible ramp bots out there. Even if one ramp bot made it to the playoffs, or one ramp bot happened to seed high… ramp bots didn’t work for a large majority of teams and this topic has indeed aged well.


3616 at AR Rock City ranked 5th and captained an alliance.


Yeah, I agree, but I’m legit wondering what the results have been. My bias has been to believe that ramps are a bad idea almost universally for this game, and I pretty much expect my bias to be fortified by the results. A little success here or there isn’t the same thing as a good idea


I’d like to add here that alliance 7 just pulled a major upset for the win at Israel #3, thanks in large part to 5654’s ramp. 5654 was rank 7 and the captain of alliance 6 at ISR #2, but got knocked out in the semi-finals. At ISR #3 they fell in the rankings to 27th after going 3-8-0 in quals, and they were picked up as the second pick of alliance 7. For this particular alliance they were a steal (IMO), because the neither the captain nor first pick had reliable climbers. First pick 2212 climbed 5654’s ramp to level 3 in every playoff match except the first quarterfinal, leaving alliance captain 3034 to continue cycling until the last second. This compared to most alliances whose captain was their climber, who had to rely on the other slower alliance members for cycling at the end of the match. The ramp opening, climbing, and ramp closing took ~10 seconds total; equal or faster than the better stilt climber at the event.


maybe it’s not exactly a ramp, but you’re seeing elite teams like 33 and 1678 attempting lifter robots, and in the case of 1678, these lifters are a potentially massive competitive advantage. I guess they don’t “not work”


I’m excited to see 3880’s ramp this weekend.


Edit: I think I misread your comment as categorizing double and triple lift bots as a type of ramp, which is of course not sane.

Still, I’m actually pretty surprised that there are so few elite teams with partner climbs so far. I was expecting a lot more.


Our ramp was successful for every playoffs match except for our last, so…