Ramp Bots

We are interested in putting together a list of bots (along with videos) that elected to forego climbing and design double ramps. If you would be willing to post team numbers and links it would be appreciated.

6886 BCR Synthesizers. “Bubbles” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1Cn2L8TJ9g

Will try to make a video this saturday or next week but here’s the CAD file of our double ramp bot.
During Match:

End Game:

Here is some footage from 4905 at official week 0

5045 SpartaBot POLYBIUS - https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=163039

Instead of double ramps, we elected to build a double-long single ramp (the “choo-choo train”, as we call it) so as to lessen our angle of incline and allow both alliance partners to enter via our null territory (no risk of fouls).

Interesting that of the 1st 4 bots, 4 unique solutions are represented

  1. Side by side ramps touchin carpet and facing driver station that pivot.
  2. Split ramps facing drivers station that are fixed.
  3. Split ramps that elevate from each null zone.
  4. Choo-choo ramp from only one null zone.

Any other solutions teama are willing to share?


G05. Don’t overextend yourself. ROBOTS may not extend more than 16 in (41 cm). beyond their FRAME PERIMETER (see Figure 8-1). This rule doesn’t apply to a ROBOT **fully within its PLATFORM ZONE **during the ENDGAME.
(emphasis mine)
Does your ramp actually reach the NULL TERRITORY, or just extend in that general direction?

Around week 4 we had designed ramps that would enter from the null territory sides, but then we realized that the scale platform overhangs the sloping part of the platform and it looked like that would block all but the shortest robots when the scale is tilted toward that side. How is this working out for teams that have built that way?

Here is our unique ramp bot solution. Each ramp is constructed from versa-chassis with a carbon fiber top so they are very strong and very light. The lifting mechanism is a 1.5 stage scissor lift that is now capable of lifting 300 pounds. Watching our week 0 matches won’t show you much of anything because they were not done. (Sorry 319!) I also know that 3930 is building a passive ramp bot like 1708 but might not have it at granite state due to being 5 pounds over.

It’s definitely a concern. However, the platform is 41 inches wide, and the scale plate extends into 18 of those inches, leaving ~33 inches of “free space” that a tall robot can move through. By deploying our ramps as far back on the platform as possible, 4905 was able to have some successful ramp climbs even from tall robots.

Definitely good to double check! Our ramps extend several inches under the total length of the platform - so in the general direction of the NULL TERRITORY, but not contacting it as that would break the PLATFORM ZONE as you mentioned.

5811 has designed ramps for Power-up. We have designed these to be removable and so can change them out in about 10 min. We can also take off only one side in order to allow a partner to climb.

I’ll be interested to see how defense of the NULL TERRITORY by the opposite alliance will play out here. A robot in the null zone can make loads of tech fouls against a robot approaching ramps though the NULL TERRITORY.

See G16 and G18.