Ramp intergraded with scorer

Did any other teams integrate there scorer with their lifter? I haven’t seen any on CD besides ours


HELLOOooo from the North East :smiley:
What a super job on this bot . I love IT.) “K I S S” :wink: You have a very creative design with the use of your components and a unique strategy to the game. Looks like your team has it all covered. Good luck Seeee Yaaaaa in GA :yikes:
MOE and TEAM 88 TJ2

Our arm deploys our lift gate:


I love seeing examples of creative AND efficient designs.

We did, but since we were in a GM facillity, and never took the robot out to our own building, we weren’t allowed to take any pictures. I’ll try to get some pictures from our photo team, but I don’t have any on me. If it’s any visual, I will tell you that it looks alot like team 401’s but quite a bit larger.