Ramp or No Ramp

Hey I was just seeing if teams thought how hard and if it is important to get up on the ramp at the end of the match. If so can you?


Team 1345 made a prototype chassis which has been posted on the forum few days ago. That chassis goes up the ramp very easily. So yes, it is worth it and you can do it fairly easily. Also, I was in team 179’s shop the other day and their 2k5 robot rides up the ramp very easily. The clearance for swampy 2k5 was 2 1/2". Keep in mind the ramp was made out of plywood.

… question is how much difference is it going to make with the diamond plate and the top of the platform?

Lots. The grip is just not there. I was surprised when we tried it the first time and noticed the slip factor. When you build, you will see.

Most qualification matches will be decided by the ramp. You can quote me on that one.

I think we will see a lot of robots tipping over, either fighting to get on the platform, or just with a high CG that doesn’t accomodate that 30º ramp.

The Ramp will be important. I’d rather have a dump truck robot with a high powered drive train, and the ability to make it up the ramp, than one with omni wheels that can shoot 3 pointers and not make it up the ramp.

I believe that it will be important to get up the ramp, but also, teams can help each other up. I remember in the animation the blue shovel bot pushed the other two up the ramp to get all three 'bots on. I think if a team had a good bot to go up the ramp he could easily push an omniwheel bot up :cool:

Our robot will be able to make it up the ramp even with the omni wheels in the front. Our back tires will have enough grip to push up the ramp and we’ve incorporated brakes to the wheels to make sure we don’t slide back down at the end of the match.

In my opinion, bad idea. We broke several of the little rollers off our omni wheels last year, and that was just going over pipe. I’d think that the omni wheels would break when getting pushed up that ramp. Also, if a robot is not built to make it up such inclines, you could damage their frame. If you want to make friends, ask before pushing robots up the ramp. You don’t want to damage a robot. There are six weeks of sweat, tears, and hopefully purely metaphorical blood into that robot.

brakes are a good idea. I was thinking about that.
We will aslo be able to make the ramp.

Brakes? We ain’t got no brakes! We don’t got to use no stinkin’ brakes! What is the back wall of the platform for, anyway?

We are wondering what the other teams are thinking about as far as getting on the ramp at the end of the round.

Is it worth it?

Is your team designing your drive train around getting up on the ramp?

Getting to the top is worth an awfully lot of points not to.

Being on the ramp will give your alliance more points at the end of the match. I dont think it will be necessary for a team to win, but it can change the score at the end of the match.

Lol I made this same topic today. Anyway yea I think its going to be a big thing to get on the ramp and Im questionable on the dimond plate still, Team 234 will get it done.

Good luck to all the teams.

right…brakes, I have to say it’s a good idea, thanks for it. and btw, I agree high CG bots will lose at the ramp, but I think the ramp will play a big part just not as big as lil’lavery made it out to be. :wink:

depending on your design it may be easier to have drop down caster so someone else can push you up that ramp. im positive a couple teams will be able to accomplish that

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It seems like it wouldn’t be too difficult if you have a good drivetrain.

The ramp make a big difference in the qualifiers becuase team’s won’t be scoring as much and it’ll make a big difference in the eliminations because scores will be so similar.

And on the subject of brakes… Is it legal for robot’s to become temporarily airborne? It is a very freaky experience watching an AM transmission in fast speed making it’s way towards your alliance station, with a jump between you and it.