Ramp pusher?

Curious if anyone’s thinking about using something that extends from the robot to push the ramp down to make it easier to drive a low clearance (e.g. mk4i) robot up?

We haven’t spent time on this, but someone did mention the idea. Anyone tested whether “send it” works if there are already robots on the ramp?


I’m not sure you’ll have the usecase you want to. From what I’ve seen (WCP CC, Ri3D, OA), the MK4is don’t really struggle. Neither does the kitbot and most thought-out WCDs. If you’re designing a mechanism that’s only going to be used for poorly designed drivetrains in quals matches, you may want to use that time and effort for other things.


Normally id agree, but if you’re going to a smaller/weaker event this kind of mechanism could open some otherwise locked doors in terms of late alliance selection options.

That said, the only teams that seem to have issues based on previous games and the minimal footage available with this years charge stations are currently mecanums. Not sure how common those will be…


ideally you could communicate with someone else in your alliance to tip it your direction. if its tipped one way, you can always cross the cable protector and try from the other side.

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