Ramp Riot 2002: Official Information for Students

Hello to everyone coming to Ramp Riot 2002!

In an effort to get information directly to students we will be posting event updates in this thread. I will post these updates as regularly as possible up until November 2. Also our event WEB page should be up shortly.

We can’t wait to see you at the show!!

Below is a list of confirmed teams for Ramp Riot 2002.

Thanks to every team that registered!!

25, 84, 87, 102, 103, 145, 222, 224, 225, 272, 303, 316, 341,

357, 365, 433, 444, 484, 487, 528, 561, 563 618, 816, 834,

Ramp Riot 2002
Preliminary Schedule of Events

7:00 am Doors Open for Teams

7:30 to 8:30 Practice Rounds – 5 minute rounds

9:00 Opening Ceremony - National Anthem

9:15 to 12:00 Qualifying rounds

11:30 Radio Station Y-100 on Site

12:00 to 12:50 Lunch Break, Human Player Competition, Prizes and Games

12:50 to 1:00 WHS Cheerleaders

1:00 Special Presentation and one more qualifying round/team

1:30 Y-100 Completes appearance

2:00 End of Qualifying Rounds

2:15 Alliance Selections

2:30 Finals

4:00 Presentation of Awards

Attention Teams !!!

At Ramp Riot we are holding a competition for the team that brings the most canned foods.

All food will be donated by the boy scouts to the Ambler Community Cupboard which helps area families in need.

If every team member brings just one can we will collect HUNDREDS.

But EVEN BETTER, there will be a trophy and a $50 Home Depot Gift card for the Team that brings the most cans. I know how you all like to WOOP each other, so lets compete for something really worthwhile. Load up the bus with cans, show the other teams who’s boss and bring home the trophy!!

So please bug your coaches to participate in this important competition.


Mr. O.

Attention Team Members:

A while back we emailed coaches and asked for 2 minute video clips of your team in action. The idea was to string together about 30 seconds to one minute per team and show this in between rounds and at lunch during Ramp Riot. We thought it would be agreat way to stoke up the teams.

Well coaches are busy people and we haven’t received anything yet. So I am relying on busy students to come through for us. It is almost too late to put it together, but if you can mail a clip or send a digital version by email we might still pull it off.

Just send clips to :

[email protected]

or mail to :

Al Ostrow
Wissahickon HS
521 Houston Rd.
Ambler, PA 19002


To all Teams and Spectators coming to Ramp Riot:

Team 341 will be selling one dollar Raffles for an X-Box.

The X-Box will be given away at the conclusion of the lunch time human player comp.

Here’s how to win:

  1. Buy a raffle ticket.

  2. Be present just before lunch time (11:30 AM)

  3. 25 names will be drawn & called to the floor to be assigned as “ball feeders” for the 25 team shooters. The shooter will have plenty of time to release all 10 balls (so that the feeder will not effect the outcome).

  4. If the Team Shooter wins the Human Player Comp. then the ball feeder wins the X-BOX and the Team Shooter wins the Trophy.

  5. ANYONE, spectator, coach or team member can enter the raffle. ( Team 341 players and coaches are NOT eligible).

This means we could have someone from Team 87 trying to win a trophy for their team and an X-Box for their ball feeder from team 365. Just think about that for a minute.

So be sure to bring a few extra dollars to enter the X-Box contest. All procedes will benefit team 341 (we are “in-between sponsors” )

See you on Saturday!!!

Mr. O.

To All Ramp Riot Participants:

  1. We will have event T-Shirts for sale in the entrance lobby. ( see attached picture of last year’s shirt) Final price is being determined but should be in the 10 to 12 dollar range.

  2. Make sure to bring your banners, your leftover give away items, your noise makers, your displays and anything else that will make this feel like a regional event. We want this to be a celebration of everything that is great about FIRST!

  3. Don’t forget to BOX those food cans!

  4. All Participants including audience, parents, team members, and coaches can win the X-Box game system. Bring a few dollars for raffles.

See you on Saturday!!

Al Ostrow