Ramp Riot 2004: Call for Comments

To All Participating Ramp Riot Teams & Volunteers:

Well I am a little bit behind on things this year, but I wanted to put out a call for comments on this year’s Ramp Riot and convey a few other notes.

Just a few items about Ramp Riot Below:

  1. **Please comment ** on what you liked and did not like about this year’s event. Comment on anything (event flow, traffic flow, playoff structure, food, music, special events, layout, anything!) Please be brutally honest!! Your comments truly motivate us to do a better job next year.

  2. If you want extra pictures of your team in action or in the picture zone, please visit http://homepage.mac.com/jimhaine/daisypics/Menu63.html

  3. If you have pictures of Ramp Riot that you would like to share with us please send them to [email protected] or post them under our folder in the ChiefDelphi picture gallery.

Thank you again for participating in Ramp Riot 2004!

We look forward to seeing everyone “On the Road” this season.

Al Ostrow
Team 341

Brutal honesty? OK.
I think the biggest weakness was not having an official field. It seemed like most, if not all the trouble with the field could have been avoided if an official field was used.

Also, the flow of robots was kind of difficult, you had to move through a bunch of different isles and open pits to get to the que, making it rather hard for people with little furniture dollies to move the robots around, especially going over all the power cording, and then in the finals it was hard to figure out who was qued, and where we were supposed to be. Thats all I really noticed besides the high plywood walls, making it rather difficult to see over for some of the drivers etc.

These are my 3 complaints:

  1. The music was ear shattering LOUD!
  2. The food line was long and upper deck area was way too crowded.
  3. You need more tables to eat from. I was forced to eat outside because of the availibilty of tables and I could not take the food in the gym.

Other than that it was a great event eventhough we did not bring home 3 straight wins :frowning: I guess I can blame that on the drivers though…

Firstly, hats off to Miss Daisy for putting on another terrific competition! MOE always looks forward to attending the Riot.


  • loved the opening video. This is something that official regionals should do more of

  • photograph area - really nice idea. Loved the photographer and the one-hour processing. This is a nice gift for attending teams

  • volunteers - everyone was very helpful and accommodating

  • playing the game. Although other fun events are nice, it was great to just play the game.

  • sticking to schedule - it was really nice to leave an off-season event very close to on time! Great job!

  • i-pod giveaway late in the day caused people to stay - great!

Improvement suggestions:

  • pit area was very crowded and offered little room for robot flow. Suggest limiting number of teams so that there is more pit room.

  • food area was very congested at lunch. Not sure how to improve this.

  • heard varying comments about the band. Some good, some not. Very good idea, though.

  • at times, music was rather loud (my perspective. high schoolers might love it. younger children & older adults might not).

Overall - another great event with some really unique features. Keep it up, Daisy!