Ramp Riot 2005 :The Official Thread

Robots Invade Wissahickon HS!!!
November 5th 2005, from 9 AM until 5 PM.

Sponsored by: NASA, Rohm & Haas, Johnson & Johnson, BAE Systems, Siemens Corp, DeVry University, FIRST and Team 341.

The 6th Annual **Ramp Riot ** Regional Robotics Competition is coming to Wissahickon HS!!!
**36 Teams ** from **7 States ** and **2500 people ** will converge on Wissahickon HS for this one day event.

Event Features and Activities:
**36 High Schools ** from CT to VA
**Charity Food Drive ** for The Ambler Community Cupboard
Radio Station Wired 96.5 FM
Radio Shack/**VEX Robotics Fun Zone **
Face Painting for the kids (and teams)
Children’s Robot Driving Zone
I-Pod Nano Raffle

You can also learn more at : www.team341.com


AL Ostrow
Wissahickon HS Robotics Team

I cannot wait. This is my first competition since Atlanta, talk about going cold turkey. :stuck_out_tongue: Ramp Riot rules, see ya in a week!

GO 1403!!!

We will be hosting a **NEMO Conference ** run by Kathie Kentfield. Please see below:

**NEMO (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization) Meeting **
Does your team have concerns about fundraising, recruiting new mentors, retaining the mentors you do have, travel arrangements, public relations? If so, join your fellow mentors in a discussion on these topics and others related to supporting the non-technical side of an FRC team. The meeting will be held during the lunch break in a location TBD. Please come prepared with a list of your team’s top three concerns. For more information, contact Kathie Kentfield, kentfieldk@earthlink.net.


**5:30 AM ** Team 341 Reports to WHS

**7:00AM ** Doors / Pits open

7:30- 8:30AM Practice Rounds

8:40 - 9:00AM Opening Ceremonies
-Team Intro & Video
-National Anthem

**9AM -12:00PM ** Qualifying Rounds (4 out of 5)

**12:00 - 1:00PM ** Lunch/Special Events

**1:00- 2:00PM ** Qualifying Rounds (5 of 5)

**2:00PM ** Alliance Selection

2:30-4:30 PM Elimination Rounds

4:30PM Awards/Closing Ceremonies

5:00PM Field Breakdown

To All Ramp Riot Teams:

Please don’t forget our annual canned food drive. Last year we collected 900 cans. If every team just brought 50 cans this year, we could double that amount to 1800 cans!!

All food gets sent immediately to the **Ambler Community Cupboard ** for distribution to the needy and to Hurricane Katrina Victims housed in the Philadelphia area.

As you know the team that brings the most cans will **win a trophy ** and an **attache toolbox ** (compliments of Technitool) !

Thank you in advance for contributing to this worthy cause.

Al Ostrow

With a little over one day left until **Ramp Riot 2005 ** things are looking great.

We have an awesome field of **36 Teams **!

A rocking opening ceremony & video that will honor all attending teams!

Radio Station 96.5 FM giving away prizes and making call-ins to the station

Face Painting for the kids, VEX Robot driving zone, i-Pod Nano Raffle

You name it, its happening here!

But the most important thing we have is the a group of **dedicated teams ** that play here every year.

Thank you to every team on the List.

It is **YOU ** that makes Ramp Riot so incredible!!!

Ramp Riot Teams (36)
25 Raider Robotics
87 RVRHS (Diablo)
99 El Taco, Palisades HS
103 Palisades HS
165 Das Goat
173 Rage Robotics
222 Tigertrons
224 Piscataway HS
225 York High
272 Lansdale Catholic
303 Bridgewater-Raritan
306 Corry Robotics
316 Lunatecs
357 Upper Darby HS
365 Dupont/MOE
369 Grady Vo-Tech
433 Mt. Saint Joseph’s Academy
484 Haverford HS
487 Springfield HS
528 North Penn HS
539 Trinity Episcopal School
709 Agnes Irwin
716 Housatonic HS
834 Southern Lehigh HS
1048 Mustang Robotics
1113 Temple U. Explorers
1143 Cruzin’ Comets
1168 Malvern Robotics
1218 CHASS
1391 Westtown Robotics
1403 Cougar Robotics
1640 Downingtown
1656 The Haverford School
1676 Pascack Valley Reg. HS
1712 Lower Merion HS

does anyone know what the playlist for tomorrow is? and are they taking any requests?

What other members of the CD community can I expect to see there tomorrow?

I should be there before 11, but no chopper this year.

I will be there with Team sab-BOT-age (Team 1640) tomorrow!

I’ll be there with 1403, we’re bringing some cans for the drive too. It should be a great competition I can’t wait! 14 hours and 45 minutes until the pits open!

The robot can’t wait either!

the 'birds are coming :slight_smile: we have quite a few number of the posters throughout our school, so I think we’ll have a good team turn out too - I can’t wait!

I’ll be there just to watch… coming with another 1089-er, and two girls that are both related to team 25. But I don’t think either one is officially on it. I heard it was one of the best off-seasons around, so I’ll be scouting it out for a possible off-season for my team for next year =p. Unfortunately this year the date didn’t work for our advisor.

I can’t wait for ramp riot 2005! only about 6 hours till I have to arrive at WHS. I’ll be doing some announcing and all around ‘who knows what’. See you all there!

I am here. I’ll be here all day. I’ll be coaching so you may have to search for me a little.

I’m here. Looking forward to another great off-seaason competition!

I just returned from the competition and must say I had a great time. Thanks to all who made it possible. Also, great job to the alliance I was with in the quarter-finals. You did a great job. We went out fighting!

such a great competition.

thanks to team 341 for running a great competition, with no problems whatsoever. great job guys. and thanks for giving 1712 a robot to play with. i love the comraderie.

and thank you to 484, 1676, and 365 for being terrific alliance partners. didnt make one mistake out there. you guys were amazing.

Just a quick recap of the elims for us, the #5 seed.

first round versus #4 seed, 316, 1143, and 341 was a sweep in pretty intense matches. they sure put up a swell fight.

second round versus #1 seed, 173, 272(had been the 2nd seed), 716 was another sweep in two great matches. in the first match, 173 was going up for a cap on a side goal, and we tapped them onto the goal, and left them stuck. sorry guys, had to exploit the hole. second match was clean and just well played.

final round versus #3 seed, 222, 103, 99(103’s backup robot), and 303. first match was very close. in the final 5 seconds we put a cap onto the corner goal of the field, while 222 was defending, which killed their row, and gave us another, giving us a clear 20 point win. second match was great. 303 came in for 99. it was just great. very close match, but ultimately, we outcapped them 13-9 and gave ourselves a clear victory.

6-0 through eliminations. not to brag, but the alliance we had made no mistakes, and capitalized on every fault another alliance made.

and a special congrats to team 1712, i love to see prerookies out there.

Thanks to all, was a fantastic day.

P.S. High Score of the day was 25, 484, and 272 versus 303, 365, 225. 101-28

Corey couldn’t of said it better, it was a fantastic competition, It felt great to have our robot at a competition again. I had the most fun I’ve had in awhile and a lot of the Freshman/Rookies to robotics got a good feel for the competition and were giving back 100% positive feed back. The teams that won earned the title played very well and the final was evenly matched.

I had almost too much fun today, and I hope to see all who attended at Brunswick Eruption on 11/19

congrats to the winning teams put up a good fight. had a good time.

only thing i have to say is the pits were close together. other then that thank you to 341 for hosting

A big thank you to my good friends from 222, and some good friends from 103.


My friends above me said all there is to the competition. Thanks to our alliance partners and all other teams for putting up such a good fight and letting us experience some real competition. It was great attending Ramp Riot 2005 and thank you for hosting it Team 341.