Ramp Riot 2007 Official Results

Congratulations to all of the teams that participated in Ramp Riot 2007!!

Here are the results of the competition.

25, 1403, 1219, 834

709, 2234, 768,1719

Mike Wade Memorial Award (Most Food Donated)
365, 338 Cans

Number One Seed

Gracious Professionalism Award
1218 (for lending a twin to a pre-rookie team)

Team Spirit Award

Judges Award
1219, Pre-rookie Archbishop Wood HS

We collected a total of 597 cans for the Mattie Dixon Community Cupboard!

I will post the FTC awards soon.

Thank you to everyone for participating in ** Ramp Riot 2007**!!

Congratulations to all those great teams for the awards.

good work with those cans thereā€¦