Ramp Riot 2013: The Official Thread

Here are the alliances including the 4th teams:

  1. 225, 341, 304, 4637
  2. 1676, 222, 2607, 224
  3. 1168, 272, 1712, 3929
  4. 1640, 1626, 2539, 708
  5. 2729, 11, 1403, 834
  6. 1218, 4575, 484, 4281
  7. 2016, 3314, 369, 1923
  8. 365, 316, 869, 423

I was at Ramp Riot today, and it was definitely lots of fun. Got a chance to meet lots of local FRC and FTC teams and make quite a few friends today. In addition, Team Daisy did a really really really nice job organizing this event (like it couldn’t get any better than this!)

http://iliterobotics.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/RampRiot1-624x468.jpg](https://twitter.com/Tijay1463/status/396700730788438016) http://iliterobotics.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/RampRiot2-624x468.jpg](https://twitter.com/frc2729_ftc4390/status/396622224469557248)

I pretty much stayed for the entire event even after the rest of my team left (having been defeated in the quarterfinal rounds), and it was totally worth seeing every match score high into the 100s.

Congrats to team 225, 341, 304, and 4637 for winning the final matches, 1676 for winning the gracious professionalism award, and every team who participated at today’s event. I was very overwhelmed by how good these robots were, and many of these teams have displayed lots of pride in who they are and what they have accomplished thus far.

It was also very cool to see two teams winning the FIRST Chairman’s award compete in the same competition - MOE 365 and Miss Daisy 341. I was especially intrigued when these teams spread the message of FIRST around the world to Singapore and the UK. I also saw a few weird references to My Little Pony in the FTC competition, but that’s another thread. :0

I look forward to next year’s Ramp Riot, and the start of the season in January.

(NOTE: I was a volunteer at IROC last year - I moved from VA over the summer. I was also at the 2013 world championships in St. Louis with FRC 1885.)

I have to say; this has, hands down, been the best Ramp Riot I have been to so far. Many thanks to those who made it awesome, all the volunteers, teams, students and mentors who came and helped and competed.

Kudos to our opponents for making the matches fun (365, 316, 869, 423), (2729, 11, 1403, 834) and (2016, 3314, 369, 1923). The nailbiter matches in the semis were incredible.

And, a huge thanks to 225, 341, and 4637 for picking us and playing with us thoughout elms. Coaching next to Dustin and Ben was really really fun, sorry for the multiple heart attacks our driver gave you. :smiley:

I look forward to next year. It’s gonna be good…

Wasn’t at the event, but I will vouch for the quality of the webcast, top notch even with the early audio issues.

Congrats to 225, 341, 304, and 4637 on the win. Our matches against you in the semis was some of the most exciting matches I saw all season, which also happened to be the last matches for our 2013 robot.

Good luck to everyone competing at Brunswick next week, and we’ll see everyone Week 1 at Mt Olive.

Can someone post the elimination results summary?


I believe it was:

  1. 225, 341, 304, 4637 W
  2. 1676, 222, 2607, 224 QF
  3. 1168, 272, 1712, 3929 QF
  4. 1640, 1626, 2539, 708 QF
  5. 2729, 11, 1403, 834 SF
  6. 1218, 4575, 484, 4281 SF
  7. 2016, 3314, 369, 1923 F
  8. 365, 316, 869, 423 QF

1 beat 8 in 2 matches
5 beat 4 in 2 matches
7 beat 2 in 2 matches
6 beat 3 in 2 matches

1 beat 5 in 3 matches
7 beat 6 in 2 matches

1 beat 7 in 2 matches

TechFire has had an insane season, and we were very happy to finish our 10th competition with this robot the same way we finished our first competition, with team 341. Thank you to 304 and 4637 for rounding out the alliance as well–we would have lost without both of you. We faced a lot of friends along the way, and none of them made it easy.

Thank you to 341 for hosting the event! It ran like clockwork.

Thanks for an amazing event as always team 341. Your event is alway a great place to get our new team members a taste of what they are going to get during the season.

First of all Team 2016 would like to give a HUGE thank you to teams 3314 and 225. Without the laptop from 3314 and the programming expertise from team 225 we would have never have been on the field.

Congrats to winners 225, 341, 304, and 4637 it was a great finals match. That second match was a nailbiter as we went neck and neck for most of the match. Thanks for the fun!

Congrats to all the award winners: 365, 1676, 1403 and 4575. All really great teams.

Finally but especially not least: Thank You to the teams on our alliance. 3314, 369, and 1923. All great teams that we have had the opportunity to be with on and off the field. The 4 team alliances really made things interesting as all 4 teams were great together. It was awesome that we were able to swap in and out at whim to meet the needs of the competition, Thanks Again and best of luck to everyone for the upcoming season.

This was one of the best streams of an FRC event that I have ever seen! Right up there with Michigan State Championship in terms of production values. The camera work and announcing by Mike Rizzo and Tom Wexler were absolutely awesome.

Looks like you didn’t skip a beat without me! Though I will take watching an HD stream from my couch in San Francisco over a 5AM start any day :slight_smile:

Is there a link to the recording yet? I’m really excited to check it out.

Ramp Riot was great as usual! Congrats to all teams competing, see you in 2014! :slight_smile:

I’m with Akash. I really want to rewatch some of the matches, whenever you guys get to it!

I have full-field recordings of our alliance’s elimination matches up here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9Bh1oRhinwSAb_rdDX1_pe_9voIUZ-RA

Thanks, these are awesome!

The 14th Ramp Riot was a great show and Team 341 would like to
**thank **the following companies, teams, and individuals for making this event possible:

Our Incredible MCs:
“Angry Eric” Eckhardt
Mike Rizzo
Tom Wexler
Student MCs: Maria Urdaneta and Emily Vo

Key Volunteers:
Josh Morris
Kim O’Toole-Eckhardt
Carol Perotto
Tom Zawislak
Dave Hackett
FTC Team “Mash” and Chris Fogwell

Event Partners:
The Philadelphia Phillies
Pennsylvania FTC Committee
Wissahickon School District
WHS PE Departments
John Conahan and the WHS Camerata Singers
WHS Maintenance Department
Jay Delp Productions
Wissahickon Educational Opportunities Foundation
Mattie Dixon Community Cupboard

Event Sponsors
Mid-Atlantic Robotics
Dow Chemical Company
Lockheed Martin
Boeing Company
Cobham Defense Electronics
Comcast Cable
BAE Systems
AndyMark Inc.
Johnson & Johnson
Sea Box
The Inventors Workshop

Our Dedicated 341 Coaches
Kirsten Jahn-Richardson
Brian Sherman

Our Awesome 341 Industrial Advisors
Scott Richardson
Nick Babin
Dustin Benedict
Matt Trageser
Jared Russell

It was very cool for me as well. I graduated from GWHS back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. :wink:
It was a pleasure playing with my old school.

Official Awards and **Results **of RAMP RIOT 2013:

  • Ramp Riot Champions: 225, 341, 304, 4637

  • Ramp Riot Finalists: 2016, 3314, 369, 1923

  • Mike Wade Memorial Award: Team 365 (681 Food Cans)

  • 1,282 food cans donated to Mattie Dixon Community Cupboard

  • Gracious Professionalism Award: Team 1676

  • Spirit Of Ramp Riot: Team 1403

  • Number 1 Seed: Team 225

  • Judges Award: Team 4575

Complete Elimination Results:

  1. 225, 341, 304, 4637 W
  2. 1676, 222, 2607, 224 QF
  3. 1168, 272, 1712, 3929 QF
  4. 1640, 1626, 2539, 708 QF
  5. 2729, 11, 1403, 834 SF
  6. 1218, 4575, 484, 4281 SF
  7. 2016, 3314, 369, 1923 F
  8. 365, 316, 869, 423 QF

Team 1676 is humbly grateful for the Gracious Professionalism award. The awards are not why we do thngs, but it was energizing to be recognized for our efforts. Thank you.

I was pleased to learn that “Angry” Eric was actually quite happy. I just can’t see how he got that nickname. Maybe if we put thumbtacks in his shoes??:stuck_out_tongue:

And I think Rizzo has a new career ahead of him.

Congratulations to 225, 341, 304 and 4637, what a show!

He gets awfully disappointed if he asks you to dance on the field and you resist.

On behalf of the students, parents, and coaches of Team 341, I just wanted thank you for supporting Ramp Riot 2013!

Our deepest appreciation goes out to all of the participating teams, volunteers, and visitors for taking the time to be with us on this very special day.
We also wanted to thank everyone that brought canned goods.
With your help we raised 1,282 food cans that were donated directly to Mattie Dixon Community Cupboard while the competition was still in progress.

We have asked our students to take a moment to reflect upon the diverse group of people that helps to make Ramp Riot a success. Thank you everyone that volunteered their time and best wishes for a great 2014 season.

Al Ostrow
Team 341

That reminds me to add “Convinced Jared Russell to shake it at a Regional” to my LinkedIn profile… :wink:

Awesome job to everyone involved. Angry Eric and Rizzo, it was a pleasure working with you. Congrats to team 341 for a great job. A lot of high-quality, exciting action. I can’t wait for the 2014 season!

-Tom Wexler