Ramp Riot Thanks

First off, Thank You team 341 Miss Daisy for putting on the seventh hugely succesful Ramp Riot competition. Rage has been going for the past 3 years and we always have a blast.

I cannot thank our alliance partners enough, team 357 Royal Assault, and team 222 the Tigertrons. We couldn’t have gotten more reliable, easy to work with partners.
Thank you 222 and Brad for giving us a chain and helping to repair it (basically doing it).

Thank You, Team 341! And to 583 and 522, our alliance partners. That was the best off-season competition I’ve been to.

Egads, thank you sosososo much Team 341! You all host amazing off-season events. Definately one of my favorites.

Congrats to the winning teams, it was tough competition! So many tough and suprising matches!

Thanks to 583,and 522 for being our amazing alliance partners.

And yay for all the fellow mascots! That was so much fun dancing with all of you!

Can’t wait for next year! Again, thanks for hosting such a wonderful event!

Firstly, thanks to Team 341 for putting on an awesome day!!!

I’d like to thank members from El Diablo and the Pioneers for cheering with us all day long… even though we didn’t make it past the quals. Also thanks to 222 and 357 for cheering with us (as well) and including us in their teams so we could help cheer =) I love being on team spirit!!!

Since it can’t be said enough thanks 341, another great competition.

Also thanks to our alliance partners 222, and 173.
I think everyone there had a great time today and made for one of my best competitions.

P.S. I have lost my voice after all that cheering :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha, I do too! It was nice seeing you there, you & your team’s spirit was awesome like WHOA! Diablo had exellent spirit as well, great job you guys!

Oh don’t worry, you’re not the only one. :wink:

Excellent job Tigertrons! We have a winning drive team already. I can speak for Henry_222 and myself, keep it up guys you are doing an awesome job! :slight_smile:

Thanks 341 for putting on an awesome event. Not only the FRC, but the FVC element as well. Hopefully I can finally convince 116 to come up and compete there next year (even though I’ll be gone :rolleyes: ).

Make that three!!! Haha. I love losing my voice in the name of F.I.R.S.T :slight_smile:

On behalf of MOE 365, I would like to thank the following folks:

Mike Wade, who makes the Mid-Atlantic area (and more) rock with his Wadelicious FIRST field (transported in his awesome-looking trailer)

Al Ostrow and Team 341 for organizing and executing another great event. It’s terrific to have been part of the evolution of Ramp Riot from the beginning. Awesome job!

All the FIRST Vex Challenge volunteers we continue to see FVC evolve and grow. What many don’t realize is that many of these new FVC teams are not familiar with FIRST at all. The FVC volunteers not only have to run the event, but also need to educate many about FIRST.

All participating team members you all made this event a fun and exciting time. Also, terrific Gracious Professionalism throughout!

Teams 25, 224, and 1676. Thanks for some great elimination matches. We had tough competition!

Another memorable Ramp Riot. Thanks to all for making it happen.

I too would have to say that Ramp Riot was one of the best, if not the best, offseason competition we’ve been to this year. The whole event was very well organized and had so much excitement and spirit. Thank you 341!

Thanks also to team 563 and 522. It was great working with you. Team 75 had a great time and now looks forward to the new game of 07’

NEMO would like to thank Team 341 for graciously allowing us to host a workshop at Ramp Riot again this year. It was well-attended and we had a lot of fun!

Thanks to 341 for hosting a great event!

Thanks to 365 for lending us a servo. The servo on our ball launching gate stripped out.

Thanks to 103(I believe) for lending us a speed control. For some reason our speed control quit for our ball shooter. I sniffed it several times for magic smoke but could not smell any. I don’t know for sure what was wrong, but it sure was not putting out any voltage.

Also thanks to 173 for picking us and 357. You both were terrific alliance partners! Being the backbot paid off!

Thanks to everyone who gave me a reason to lose my voice!

I was commanding rookie drivers, as coach, all day long. It all paid off in the end!

To the FRC and FVC Teams of Ramp Riot 2006:

Thank you for attending Ramp Riot 2006 and for bringing your incredible spirit to the event. We just wanted to say that this year’s Ramp Riot was the best ever and its all because of YOU!! Your graciousness on and off the field was noticed by everyone including our overworked field crew.
Your enthusiasm and hard work inspired our newest rookie members. You also inspired the kids of Episcopal Academy so much that they are going to register for FRC 2007. Their original plan was to enter in 2008, but watching you changed their minds.
56 teams from 7 states converged on Wissahickon this past weekend. The event operated 1 FRC field and 2 FVC fields simultaneously. Ramp Riot also raised 900 food cans for the Ambler Cupboard largely due to your efforts. As we approach the new season, it is important to know that this is what we can acheive when we work together. Its simply amazing.
Shortly I will send out a list of organizations that helped us pull off this amazing feat. Team 341 is certainly grateful for their help and we encourage you to write to them as well.
But until we assemble this list, I just want to say…** THANK YOU ** to Mike Wade. This event is possible only through his kindness and dedication to FIRST. We could not do this without him!
Thank you again to everyone that attended this year!!
You are the spirit of Ramp Riot 2006!

Al Ostrow
Team 341

Ramp Riot Official Competition Results:
FVC Champions Teams 2073, 3179, and 3323
FRC Champions: 173, 357, 222, & 484
FRC Finalists: 225, 768, 103, & 539
Most Cans Raised: Team 365
#1 Seed: Team 365
Spirit of Ramp Riot: (tie) Teams 357 & 87
Judges Award: Team 153, Episcopal Academy