Ramp to lift robots

does anyone have any ideas for a ramp that lifts robots

this is not really an idea but more of something to keep in mind while building your ramp. Most robots will have bumpers and the bumpers start from 2.5" from the floor so the angle of the ramp would have to be really small

We are thinking about a platform that drops off the front 4 inches off the ground with a small ramp to go up. 15 pts better than none. It would stay folded into the robot while playing then unfold in the home zone to allow access. The incline would not be that much for 4 inches. Still thinking about things right now. Time will tell.

Last year teams with bumpers could just make it up a 30 degree ramp. if you aim for around 20 degrees you should be safe.

also many robots wont be able to climb at all. even at 20 degrees most still wount be able to get up. 20 degrees would be the mmost i would build the ramp. also you stilll have to be within the ending demsions

I think the key to ramps is getting the word out to teams that lots of people are building ramps. Even if you don’t want to worry about the levitation portion of the game design your robot so that in at least one direction it can drive up a 20 degree ramp. It will help you win games and it will make all the ramps people build useful.

also, the none of the bots on your alliance can be touching the alliance station wall if they watnt o score…therefore you will want to make sure that there is a shield of sorts if you are backed up to the wall to keep the other bots on your ramp/platform.

Remember, there are no ending dimensions in the home zone.

Our team is planning to build a ramp… it will be around 19 degrees and I’m pretty sure most robots will be able to get up it easily with what we are planning… Only time will tell, I’m hoping to get a couple of local teams over to try it out when it’s finished.