Ramsete Path following and Labview

I didn’t see an implementation of the WPILIB Ramsete controller in LabVIEW. I was curious how this controller works, but it is hard to test without a robot… I implemented the ramsete controller and some of the accompanying code in LabVIEW and plugged it into the Path creation tool that allows a simulated robot to run.

The “path execution library” routines could be used on a real robot. However consider this “alpha” software. It isn’t fully optimized. It doesn’t have a clean way to read the path data structure, although it can write the path to a text file

The project files are here. If anyone gets to try it, let me know what you think.

This screen shot shows the interesting test programs. One runs a simulated robot. 1) create the path, 2) start the simulated robot, 3) start driver station, 4) select auto/enabled and watch. The other just single steps through a path… for debugging…


Here is an image of the Path Execution Library.

Pathfinder is used to create the path for testing, but doesn’t play a role in the execution of the path.

All of this is an update of this post.


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