Ramsete Pathfinding with IntelliJ

My team is taking the opportunity this year to move to IntelliJ from VSCode. I am wondering what needs to be done differently to get pathfinding with Ramsete controller working along with tools included in VSCode’s WPILib extension.

If you’re using the WPI trajectory libraries and Ramsete controller command, the process is no different in IntelliJ as opposed to VSCode.

All of the Java VS Code WPILib operations practically wrap GradleRIO tasks - and those can be run from the command-line as well as IntelliJ’s Gradle stuff.
Simulation can be run using gradlew simulateJava, and all pathfinding stuff is completely done by code on the RIO - so the IDE doesn’t matter.
You can launch PathWeaver (if you use it) either directly or using gradlew PathWeaver.
One of the main things that couldn’t be done well without VS Code was managing vendor dependencies, but in 2021 there’s a vendordep Gradle task that adds vendor jsons from URL (source: I wrote it) so you can also manage vendordeps without VS Code.


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