RamseteCommand is undefind

Hi, I am trying to set up a RamseteCommand for my trajectory following code and for some reason it gives me an error that says :

“The constructor RamseteCommand(Trajectory, Supplier, RamseteController, DifferentialDriveKinematics, m_PidDrive::getSpeed, PIDController, PIDController, m_PidDrive::SetOutput, pidDrive) is undefined”

I am following this tutorial

and also this

(my code)

can someone please help?

(btw I don’t know if it matters but I used the “PIDsubsystem” so that I could use the “PIDcontroller”)

So, a more comprehensive look at your code would help, preferably, uploading it to a Github Repo, this would also allow us to actually look at what error is being thrown by VSCode.

With only the limited context provided, my first question is did you import the RamseteCommand class?

ie, you should have the following (or very similar) near the top of your file.
import edu.wpi.first.wpilibj2.command.RamseteCommand;

Hi , yes i did import the class
heres my code

(I am sorry if its a mess but please ignore the DriveTrain subsystem I didnt use it in the end)

Looked at the documentation, you are missing the feedforward parameter

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my bad :slight_smile: , thank you so much!

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