ramsey electronics ar1

i was wondering if anyone here has either built or used one of these devices.

i also have a couple questions for the electrical engineers. when i got this kit i lost the dpdt switch, i was wondering if i could use another switch inplace of it. somewhere in the manual (its a pdf) there is a schematic of the circuitry. i dont know how to read it, but im sure somebody here probably does. if somebody can, can you take a look at the schematic and tell me if its possible to use another switch.


(ps this is in chitchat becasue it has nothing to do with frc electronics)

The link doesn’t reproduce the schematic but Ramsey doesn’t use exotic parts. You probalby will find the same switch at Radio Shack, Digikey or Mouser. If you didn’t buy the optional case, any SPDT switch will work fine. If is also possible that you simply didn’t get the switch in you kit. Contact Ramsey and they will send you one for free I bet.

thanks al, infact they are going to send me a new switch for free. since i buoght it in '02 i didnt think that they would, but they are. so i am happy about that. i just have to wait a little longer to use it.

You can always add a jumper wire in place of the switch and just disconnect the battery to turn it off. That will get you through until the switch comes. Enjoy. I love kit building and I am a ham radio operator. I currently own four radios that I have built from kits (six if you include the two that are still unfinished in boxes on my shelf.) When Heathkit went out of business I was lost for a while.