Ran out of ethernet ports


My team is currently using a Jetson Nano plugged in to the radio via Ethernet for vision processing. We would also like to add a LED controller to our robot, and our current solution is to use a Arduino with Ethernet Shield. Both would communicate with the RoboRio via UDP over ethernet. (We want to keep the USB-B port on the rio free for tethered testing during competition)

But, there are only two ethernet ports on the radio, and one of them is connected to the RoboRio. What’s the best way to go for implementing two onboard controllers? Would a ethernet splitter work for this application?

An ethernet switch is your best bet. I saw this a while back, it’s pretty thorough.


Out of curiosity, why choose Ethernet to send values to leds? In the past, I had a few dios whose sequence determined the pattern, but I heard that wpilib now has built-in led control via pwm.

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HERE is what we use and it works well.

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We also use this and it works well

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3468 is also using this Network Switch. Works a treat!

we have used the 5 and 8 port versions of this network switch. Its powered from the VRM 12v 500ma line.