Random Allocation of Trackballs

The trackballs are supposed to be randomly assigned positions before the match starts; is it possible, then, to get two balls of the opposing alliance put in front of your alliance? Or are the balls randomly placed so that one red and one blue trackball must be on each side of the track?

As shown in the animation (although some people are questioning the correctness of the animation), the balls were always placed in a red,blue,red,blue configuration.

Hope That Helps!

Tomasz Bania

[EDIT: See below]


However, if they are really supposed to be random then I assume that yes, you may get none of your own colored balls on your side, though that seems rather unlikely.

<G20> specifies that there will be one of each color on each side.

Cool, thanks.

Indeed it does. Hmm, maybe I should read the manual?

<G20> TRACKBALL Locations - After all ROBOTS participating in the MATCH are in their starting positions and the TEAM members are in the ALLIANCE ZONE and/or ROBOCOACH STATIONS, four TRACKBALLS will be placed on the OVERPASS. On each side of the OVERPASS there are three TARGET LOCATIONS for TRACKBALLS. The field management system will randomly choose an initial starting location for the TRACKBALLS before the start of each MATCH. One red and one blue TRACKBALL will then be positioned in the chosen TARGET LOCATIONS on each side of the OVERPASS. After this point in time no ROBOT may be moved or repositioned until the MATCH starts.



I’m pretty sure there will be one red and one blue on each side.