Random question about the history of team numbers

Does anyone know if all the numbers are used to assign teams? I was told that number such as 911 and 666 were not used, but do not believe him. So, can anyone settle our debate ($5 is on the line)?

seems logical that 666 would not be seeing as all of the negative connotations that go along with it. and it would sound odd to be hearing people chant 9 11.

You could prob figure this out by going to thebluealliance.net or wiki.chiefdelphi.com

A simple visit to thebluealliance.net says no to both. They were never teams.

not necessarily, what if the teams disbanded before 2006? then thebluealliance.net wouldnt have them

yes, I went to thebluealliance.net but wasn’t sure if that means they were never a team or not a team within the past 3 years (which is as far back as bluealliance goes)

True, i forgot when that was started.

Using the team list would be a more reliable source.

666: https://my.usfirst.org/myarea/index.lasso?page=teaminfo&team=666&event_type=FRC
911: https://my.usfirst.org/myarea/index.lasso?page=teaminfo&team=911&event_type=FRC

FIRST has no data for either. Just change the team name in the URL to get the data you need.

There is also no page for 3 and 15, just to name a few.

Indeed, the entire TBA information database scrapes data off of the FIRST website and has doneso since ~Summer 2007, so if they don’t have it we don’t have it. Although FIRST does include disbanded teams for award / attendance purposes, they are sometimes unreliable on data (Team 1547, Waldo, did not win Regional Woodie Flowers @ Israel in 2006 - 1574 did). So their data should be taken with a grain of salt for details, but for overall team existence, ought to be fine.

I’m not sure about 911, but there was never a 666. Given the lack of usfirst.com page for 911, I would tend to think there was never a 911 either. 3 and 15 can be explained for the fact there are no pages for teams that were defunct before around 2002ish (not sure exact year when current FIRST incarnation of TIMS data was displayed on FIRST website). Teams like 225, 616, and 510 who have become defunct recently still have pages.

Team 1337 isn’t on there, despite rumors that it was in Germany.

I find it odd, however that there is no 1338 listed. Does that mean they disbanded without winning any awards?

The FIRST website does not have data for teams that they consider disbanded (I believe the criteria is inactive for at least three years). For example, team 72, the original FIRST team in North Carolina, is not in FIRST’s database anymore. In fact, you’ll notice that there are a huge number of low team numbers for which the FIRST database has no data.

There was no information about a team 666 or 911 on FIRSTwiki

I looked that up on the first wiki one day and actually came across this article. http://www.firstwiki.net/index.php/Team_number If you read the last line it says that team numbers 666 and 911 were never assigned.

i know for a FACT that there was never a 666 because FIRST would not give that number

My mentor called and made a special request for that number (666) :-P, FIRST refused to give that number so he got 665 instead, (which then was PHAT, now is known as MEYHAM).

was there ever a team 13?, he mentioned FIRST never gave that number out either…

Not listed on FIRSTWiki.

Team 13 did exist: http://web.archive.org/web/20001119220100/www.usfirst.org/1998comp/teamlist.html

Yep, here’s some more team info. from the old FIRST databases without all the missing parts http://www.team358.org/files/team_lookup/
As Chris pointed out we know of lots of FIRST data entry errors, but nothing major. Some rookie years messed up, events & awards mislabeled.

Team 13:

Team Number:          13
Team Name:             Baxter Healthcare Corporation & Johnsburg HS & Lake County Technical Campus
Location:                  Round Lake, IL, US
Rookie Year:            1996
Awards Won:  
1998 IL  Best Play of the Day Award
1997 N1 Proctor & Gamble Creativity Award
1997 IL  Best Offensive Round
Events Attended:          
1998 IL
1998 N1
1997 N1
1997 IL
1996 N1

Team 3

Team Number:      3
Team Name:          Advance Transformer Company & Broadhead HS & Monroe Senior HS
Location:               WI, US
Rookie Year:         1997
Events Attended:         
1998    IL
1998 N1
1997 N1
1997 IL

Team 15:

Team Number:       15
Team Name:          Baxter Fenwal San German & Lola Rodriguez De Tio HS
Location:               San German, PR, US
Team Motto:          When you believe in yourself there are no limits!
Robot Name:         Coqui
Rookie Year:         1997
Awards Won:  
2000 LI  Most Photogenic Award
2000 LI  #1 Seed
1999 FL Xerox Creativity Award
1999 N1 Outstanding Defense
1997 N1 Most Photogenic Award
1997 IL  DaimlerChrysler Team Spirit Award
Events Attended:          
2000 N1
2000 LI
1999 N1
1999 FL
1998 N1
1998 IL
1997 N1
1997 IL

Team 1337 registered but never competed:

Team Number:   1337
Team Name:      Gymnasium der Mariannhiller Missionare
Location:            Reken, NRW, DE
Robot Name:     Sir Anthony
Rookie Year:      2004

Team 1338:

Team Number: 1338
Team Name:  Lockheed Martin/NASA/Ball Aerospace/Hewlett Packard/Information Handling Systems/Dillon Software/University of Denver/Lander Dental/General Electric Rail & Eaglecrest High School
Location:       Aurora, CO, US
Team Motto:  Raptors Rule
Robot Name: Raptor 1
Rookie Year: 2004
Events Attended:          
2004    Colorado Regional

Team 72:

Team Number:       72
Team Name:          Harding University HS/ Precision Dynamics
Location:               NC, US
Rookie Year:         1997
Events Attended:          
1998    N1
1997 N1

I think it is important to note that team #'s in 1998 were assigned by sponsor. Thus all Motorola teams were in the first and second decade above 100. Thus team 111 was in the middle of the 108-113 range.