Random Question...

…what do you name your robot & why?

Well our robot this year was Buzz, because we built a wooden one for fun and it soon became popular in our team. And then we called it woody. Then we said hey we can call the other robot buzz, we got woody and buzz pics from toy story and they are all over the robot.

Last year we had Armstrong, we had one big strong arm and we were sponsored by nasa so it seemed fitting.

Two years ago was bob, that was random.

Our robot is Tigerbolt because it was on the old team. :wink: But that name comes from the mascots of RIT and Edison Tech. RIT is the Tigers and Edison Tech is the Lightning Bolts (don’t ask me, I just show up there for 6 weeks out of the year :wink: ). Hence Tigerbolt. Personally I just call it a Lightning-powered Tiger. Then again I still have no idea what that is.


Team 293’s robot is called Spike because our school mascot is a bulldog (hence our team name: Bullbots (don’t make fun)).

…Beefeater. No, it’s not named after the alcoholic drink. Our main teacher sponsor owns cows and shows them at cattle shows. So he and I decided to to name it Beefeater because after all, it eats beef (not literally).

Btw I’m going to a cattle auction with him on friday to some college in Illinois. Anyone else going?

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My team this past year, 495, named the robot alpha wolf. I’m not sure where it came from, some of us threw out some ideas and we voted. We became the pack and our motto was the law of the jungle by Rudyard Kipling. C~ya,

We named ours catawampus. Its an electrical term and just a really cool word.

ComBBAT has always had origional robot names that catch peoples attention. Some have been kinda goofy but worked either way. Our robot this year was named “That”. We figured that Dean had his IT so we had to have our own version. Our previous robots whent by the names Thuunk Master Flash, Tippy, and Christine.

Prior to competing in the regional competition, we (RAGE) compete in the UTC scrimmage. At the end of each year’s scrimmage, a member of the team always notices our most distinguished feature. Our robot then receives this name.

This year, we were one of the only teams that used a “trident-like” grip to grab the goal. For this reason, we named out robot “The Devil Dog”… Devil, because our robot’s gripper is like that “thing” he carries around and Dog, because thats the animal in our logo. I didn’t really like that name, but whatever works…

We named our robot the TechnoKART… we named it this because since we our the TechnoKats we used Techno… then the KART is basically like CART racing just with a K since we had a racing theme this year…

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**We named our robot the TechnoKART… we named it this because since we our the TechnoKats we used Techno… then the KART is basically like CART racing just with a K since we had a racing theme this year… **

CART? Next year you can name it TechnoCAR, for NASCAR. Or TechnoGEORGE, for Tony George and the IRL. They all have Delphi sponsored cars. j/k Kyle

Well it’s much easier to explain why we named our team Kika Mana, which means tiger power, it was for the name sake of our school mascot the tiger. But I have NO idea why we named our robot, Naia, the dolphin. To sound Hawaiian maybe?:confused:

We’ve been naming ours Gompei for a couple of years now in WPI tradition… (follow the link if you’re curious and haven’t heard why…) Recently though, we started throwing taglines and “subnames” into the mix so it doesn’t get so boring…

So in 98, it was just Gompei, then 99 brought Gompei: The evil goat, 00 Gompei and the H.E.R.D and 01 Gompei: The SpiderGoat… To this day, no one knows what The H.E.R.D. really stands for…

Here is the Goatkeeper History at WPI .

Our robots have always been named “Francois” after Francois Castaing who helped us find money for the team way back in 99 when we first started. In fact he’s still helping us to this day and we owe him a lot of thanks. Last year’s robot was “Francois Part Duex” and this year’s was “Francois Part Trois”.

1996 - Hexcalibur - Our HS was the Blue Knights, The year was Hexagon Havoc. So Hexcalibur was a play on both the hexagonal field and excalibur the famous sword of King Aurthur.

1997 - Blue Dragon - We’re the Blue Knights/Blue Lightnings…knights slay dragons…yeah…oh and our robot kinda looked like a dinasaur/dragon.

1998 - El-e-Vador - I’m not even sure where this one came from entirely…basically I think it was because our robot kinda seemed like an elevator. Also because the name “soda-can-skillet” was shot down by administration (inside joke form 98).

1999 - Astrobot 2000 - My friend Tom jokingly said hey let’s name it Astrobot 2000…because in 1999 everything was 2000 this or 2000 that…the administration loved it an the name stuck.

2000 - Last Chance - This was to be the last year of Blue Lightning’s existance and everyone knew it. There for it was really Blue Lightning’s last chance to shine…the last chance for the engineers to win something and the last hoora as Blue Lightning.

That about sums up the machine names 4 the years I was on the team.


Here’s the history of the POBOTS’ robots from Plainview, NY:

2000: MR. ROBOTO- I wasn’t on the team this year, but it was our first year in the competition. I’m pretty sure that’s the name since it’s pretty self explanitory. From what I’ve heard from the members from that year, there was A LOT of “Mr. Roboto” playing at night when it was being built.

2001: THE PHOENIX- The reason for this name is that at the beginning of this school year we didn’t think that we were going to be allowed to do robotics in my school. The mythical history behing the phoenix is that it’s a “bird” that was killed and rose out of the ashes to become better then before. This fit our team since we were part of the 2000 first place alliance in the Long Island Regional (so pretty much we were amazing :slight_smile: ) and then we were told that we couldn’t do it again :frowning: …but then we got approved and were on the 2001 winning alliance at the LI Regional too! This name was thought of by one of our advisors (publicity).

2002: THE BRAT- I don’t really have much to say about this one, because it’s for next year, but we’re currently working on logos for pins and t-shirts and they look AMAZING so far. If anyone wants to take a sneak peak at one of THE BRAT logos, check out our website at POBOTS.COM

Our robot was named Lexy (BKA Sexy Lexy) in 2000 b/c it was all lexan on the outside. This year we name our robot Three Bits b/c that was the amount of space left unused in the controls programming.

~Angela who knows that the 2000 robot really was never named Lexy, just referred to as such by some of her team…but she won’t go there…

2000’s bot was named Isys…i have no clue why. 2001 we named our bot the capacitator…the seniors picked it, b/c it was an inside joke from their physics class. Atleast I had control over team name and logo. :smiley:


The mayor Suggested that we name our robot the Spirit of Bakersfield. So we named our robot The Spirit of Bakersfield.

I had originally named the bot after our mascot “hornet”
but then I stated bringing my puppy to the meeting and workdays and the kids really really like him and they decidced to name himn the team mascot and name to bot after him

therefore ICKY BOT became the name

odd huh!?!