Random Request Help LHS Building Trades Class

Delphi Community,

Team 2582 is asking for your help. Our school purchased a CNC router for our Building Trades class. These guys have machined various parts for us (i.e. robot stuff) since they got the machine so for us it has been a win/win situation. Now they are in need of our help. The company that manufactured the CNC is holding a contest. The short of it is that the YouTube video with the most views wins a cash prize. This means cooler parts for the CNC :yikes:

Can you please (when you have time) watch the video below? It is about the length of one FRC match so it’s really not that much time. We would really like to help our BT class as much as they have helped us!! :slight_smile: The contest is running through February 28th so spread the word among all you know.

Thank you,
Team 2582

And think, I did that by hand on a wood lathe in high school :cool:

To see it done by CNC just takes all the fun out of doing it by hand. All that said, it is nice to see and a wonderful shop project.

Yep, they didn’t have toys that cool when I was in high school. But I must say, there is a whole different coolness factor when you do it by hand.

Forget the coolness factor of doing it by hand. I just love watching the CNC do its job. The biggest 3 axis I use is a 3" by 5" table… Doesn’t do much. Still want to attempt to make a part on our 2 axis EZ Trak, but I doubt it will be the same as a full 3 axis machine.

We are very lucky to have a district who still believes in Career Technology and it’s contribution to learning. This CNC is a 3-axis currently (part of the prize will go towards making it a 4-axis router :yikes:). It can run a 4x8 sheet and we have a proble that can scan a part, convert it to the G codes and then duplicate it.

The day it was delivered the kids all kinda went…meh…but there were 5 adults who sat and watched it for two hours as it was set up and then ran its first cuts…and yes, I was one of the five :wink:

Just based on this, now I wish I had the money to drop into something like this… One day… Hopefully… Maybe…

I guess doing it by hand gives you a better of what the CNC has to do in order to try and mimic the human mind :eek:

Don’t get me wrong, the things that machines can do now in helping to save lives as well as making a better life for all is well worth it.

Trust me… We are very lucky to have a knee mill that can do circles. One of the students today decided to pull out the programming manual to see if he could code a part by hand. Time to break out the floppy discs and serial adapters…

What are those? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently Windows 7 forgot what floppy disks are. 3/4 of the computers I attempted to copy files onto a floppy with locked up. Time to go back to good old Windows 98!

You mean you’re still using punch cards and paper tape? Get with the times already! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

And to think it could be done on an old Craftsman wood lathe at a fraction of the cost of a CNC in a fraction of the time! :ahh:

I’m a big fan of our Shopbot and CNC minimill, but I worry with all the exposure that kids get straight away with CNC they miss out on some valuable lessons learned making things the old fashioned way.

But I’m sure there are plenty of old machinists that would say (rightfully!) the same thing about my limited hands-on machining experience.

Neat project, fascinating to see how mills are becoming lathes, when back in the day you bought milling attachments for your lathe.