Random Rhymage

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Engineer on team #190, Gompei, from Mass Academy of Math and Science and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Posted on 3/9/2000 10:59 PM MST

Alright… Don’t know how I had time to write it… Or why I didn’t share sooner… But you’ll get a kick out of this…


FIRST Kickoff
January 21, 2000

Waiting for an early weekend in January every single year,
It’s kickoff, on Saturday, it’s finally here.

At kickoff, the staff keeps you on the edge of your seat.
You don’t find out the problem until after you eat.

The show finally starts, the emcees are Woodie and Dean.
The playing field unveiled, some rules explained, what do they mean?

The questions come quickly wanting clarification.
All this time, everything is broadcast to the nations.

This goes on forever, there’s questions galore.
Eric stops the madness, but people still want to ask more.

It’s time to go up to the stage, but there’s lots of people in the way.
The people are here because of the field, now allowed to touch and play.

After the teams have gotten their fill,
Although it’s boring standing in lines, they will.

What’s at the end must be big, some people have carts.
The line is worth the wait, what you get is the kit of parts.

People with carts were prepared, the kits weigh too much.
The weight comes from wheels, motors, catalogs and such.

Now that you’ve seen the problem and received all the toys,
It’s time to go home to share all with your girls and boys.

Arrived at home, your own kickoff you run,
Once this all happens, here comes the fun.