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I don’t know how many teams were at the Wisihickan Comp today (Sat. 15) but it was awesome. All the teams did so well and I was just bursting with excitement (Ok…maybe that was all the caffine I had in me but none the less…) Why I mention this that while there I was talking a new member of our team about random things…such as the forums and prom. I had commented on how many girls and guys were looking for prom dates last year via the forums and how it was kinda funny.

Nonetheless, I told this member that I was going to “pay a date” for prom because…well…I’m boyfriendless and I’m way too not any guy’s type (in my opinion) to get one by other means. We joked and laughed about it before I really got thinking about it.

I mean…why not? Post an ad on delphi with an attached application for a prom date? Promise the guy x amount of dollars to show up and bingo…you’re home free, right? No hassle…no fuss. Ok…well…some hassle but hey it’d work right?

LoL, I had to share in on the idea and was wondering what people thought. Yes, I know…it’s random and it’s so many months off from prom but hey…these things are important right? I think my team is going to ban me but…hey so be it.

So what does everyone out there think? What would posting an ad for a date with application mean? Any thoughts? Let’s get the ideas rolling so maybe this year, no one is begging for a date via delphi. :slight_smile:

Escort service provided by Chiefdelphi.com?

I don’t know about that. We already have the FIRST classifids (3 + if I rember correctly)

I don’t think CD.com will like/approve of this idea - but it is funny!

it would be really funny if you got something of the sort going

*Originally posted by Matt Attallah *
**Escort service provided by Chiefdelphi.com?

I don’t know about that. We already have the FIRST classifids (3 + if I rember correctly)

I don’t think CD.com will like/approve of this idea - but it is funny! **
Yeah, I don’t see this happening on here any time soon…

Well now…I didn’t say I’d actually try and do it but was merely sharing the idea. :slight_smile: Nevertheless…you know there will be people begging for dates on delphi in the near distant future. Heh.

I hear ya. I was lucky last year that our Junior prom was the same time as nationals, but this year, no such luck. So once again the worry over not having a date begins. Plus, we have a winer formal to worry about. My team jokes about one of these times walking around with signs like “Will someone please go to prom with me?” but, yeah that never happens. Oh well, still got a while to go before prom.

Hrrrm, her paying me to go out. Seems tempting. :smiley: j/k

Is it really that hard to get a date or something? I don’t mean to be in your business - but why don’t you just ask someone if they want to go? Just the fact of rejection too much to handle or what? I’ve never had that problem - and I don’t think that I qualify for man of the year or what ever.

Just ask - what can it hurt? If someone turns you down - just go on to the next one - it’s not that hard… :slight_smile:

If for some reasion that everyone that you as turns you down - why don’t you just take a friend or something? Instead of going alone. I’ve never understood the point of going to something like this alone. Even if it’s a friend of the same sex - you never know what will happen at the dance/party/what ever. Heck - even take your siblings or a cousin! Just take a chance and find out. I realise that it may hurt for a few quick seconds - but rember - YOU WILL NEVER KNOW THE GOOD WITH OUT THE BAD!


points to picture That’s why I can’t get a date. Nonetheless, the reason I don’t just ask someone out if because I have before and instead of saying No or something…they made fun of me. They said yes and then turned into a big joke. It was horrible and it hurt worse then any rejection could have. I mean…it’s bad enough kids are cruel to you without you going out and seeking it too.

My school is really small and there aren’t alot of people there. The only real friend I have is my bbf Sara and she’s going to be taking her jerk of a boyfriend, Dan, and that means he’ll control her all night. It’s a long story about the two of them but in general…it means that I wont have any fun if I go with her. Your other suggestion about taking a cousin or relative of mine is a great idea…only problem…all my cousins and relatives are like…10 years older then me. It would be awkward nonetheless.

And if you think that’s bad enough I need to tell you this cause it’ll just show how horrible the human race can be at times…

A classmate of mine, Paul, and I were playing soccer in gym today when I accidentaly knocked into him trying to get the ball and he yelled “beep beep beep Move MOOMOO!” at me. I hadn’t been called MooMoo in a very long time and it hurt alot. I spent the entire lunch period in the girl’s bathroom crying because of him and few other kids who decided to torment me. This is one of the reasons I love being on my robotics team…they don’t say things like that to me. They just…accept me. They may not like me, and that’s ok, but they don’t call me hurtful things or poke fun. Oh…and don’t say “Take one of them” because that would just be bad. They’re my teammates and I wouldn’t want to ask any of them for fear of rejection again this year. Oh yes…this is my senior prom so I do want to go very badly. I may just end up asking a teammate…

I’m really sorry about everything you described above. I can truly relate to what you are going through. People really can be so mean sometimes - and for what? A couple laughs? It really makes me sad when I hear things like that because it reminds me of myself a few years ago. I’ve kind of gotten past all that stuff though; I don’t really know how but over time I have. I really wish there was something I could do, but the dang geography of this place we call Earth separates us quite a ways. I wish you the best of luck and your friends here on CD will always be here for you. Throw a PM or e-mail or something over my way if you ever feel like it.

Thank you for your kind words and feel free to contact me as well if you like but the thing is that after awhile…you stop really caring about what people say to you. I take it well it just happened that I couldn’t that day. People are mean and life goes on.

Ok…wow…apparentally I’m not the only one with an idea to hook people up. I’m not sure how to link the thread in this one but in Chit-Chat there is a thread entitled Robotics Romance. Anyone else know this!? Wow!

I think this is the link…may be wrong.