Random things in car trips

Well, now that the Championships are over I am sure that those teams that drove there found some fun things to do to occupy the time in the car/bus/robot. Ours was to count Waffle Houses between Atlanta and Michigan… we MAY have missed a few because it was dark when we left but we counted 59 of them along I75. Also the 47th one came on exit 47 (in Ohio)

What were some of your favorite things to do?

I recently took a trip with my Aero Design team. These are college students, so I can’t say some of what happened on these forums, but we played “I Doubt It” (by its real name) and other card games, slept (working on the planes all night), and tried to work on homework.

I also did a bit of the FF scoring in the process. Looks like next year, at least some of that will be automated. whew

Well, we didn’t go by car or bus, we went by plane…Anyway, we mostly just played tunk (a card game) and spades (another card game). Do you know how hard it is to play cards on an airplane?..

Bus ride to & from airport was just general discussions of anything & everything, as typical bus rides tend to bring out.

The airplane from NY to GA was great for sleeping, and with a nice big set of Koss headphones, my ears were perfectly fine when I woke up & we landed. There is something about a regulated air pressure in the ears a large set of headphones can provide that litterally stopped all pains associated with taking off & landing I’ve had in the past.