A thread to test things in

Hmm, interesting. Can I go somewhere with this?

Has anyone ever used a method that generates a random number and uses it for robot function somewhere in their robot code?


Let me add to that:

Who, and for what purpose?

me for random stuff

Hmmm, how quickly can we start an argument here?

Ooh, I know:

Python > R

Java > Python

Let’s really start the arguing:

LabVIEW > Java

So does it follow Labview<Python?

There are many theoretical games for which a random action is likely to be the most effective. As an example sort-of based on this year, suppose there were no red card in store for a team that disrupted Triple Helix’s auto, and further suppose that robots could not sense the field other than through their wheels on the carpet and inertia. In that case, Triple Helix could program several positions for autonomous shooting and program a a random selection among those positions, seeded by the number of microseconds between the driver station connection coming up and the beginning of auto, whichever came first. This would make it difficult for the opposing alliance to know where to send their kamikaze.

Edit: on another topic entirely, the latest post on 3946’s slack channel named ‘random’ is what I learned at the New Orleans Mini Maker Faire about working with PCL (Polycaprolactone). Almost as good as a 3-d printer, but all you need is some hot water or a heatgun and a bit of patience.

Edit2: All modern computer programming languages are capable of solving the same problems as Turing’s finite state machine with an infinite tape deck. They are only superior to each other for specific purposes.