Ranking Events in Terms of Depth

Given a gut feeling, or statistically, or some combination thereof, how “difficult” are the following fields going to be (in order of least difficult to most)? Feel free to combine / rank equally for similar events.

  • Average Regional
  • Average District Event
  • FiM District Event
  • District Championship
  • FiM State Champs
  • North Champs Division
  • South Champs Division
  • Chezy Champs
  • IRI
  • Einsteins South
  • Einstein North
  • Festival of Champions (if applicable)

I know that the majority of these will have data different from “normal” for a number of reasons, but I’m curious as to the mental image of different events.

EDIT: Chris pointed out that depth and difficulty are not the same thing, I clearly need to study more English instead of robots. However, choose what you want to answer being “depth” or “difficulty”.

EDIT 2: The above is not my list, and should not be treated as such.

Depth and difficulty are two related but fundamentally different things.

Consider this extreme example, a regional with the top 4 teams in the world, 45 kitbots, and you. If you are going to enter this regional, barring a scheduling miracle, it will be extremely difficult for you to win this event, despite it being a very shallow event by any metric.

Here’s my totally subjective rating, ordered from least difficult on average to most difficult:

Average District Event
Average Regional
South Champs Division
FiM District Event
Chezy Champs
North Champs Division
District Championship
Einsteins South
FiM State Champs
Einstein North

I would say the average district event is easier to win than the average regional - there are a lot of “less strong” regions in districts now, they have fewer teams per event, and you have more matches to seed high with. For plenty of specific districts this rule is not true, and it is fairly close.

South Champs is a very diluted event skill wise, with six divisions.

FIM districts are quite often very deep and intense events. Chezy Champs attracts several powerhouse teams but is somewhat similar to a California championship more than a super super deep event like IRI.

DCMPs have tended to be as strong or slightly stronger than the average Champs division, so I have winning a division as easier than winning a district championship for that reason. But maybe North will be so stacked that the trend will reverse.

IRI is the top of the mountain.

Thought exercise: Where does Festival of Champions fit in this lineup? On the one hand, you’re against one of the toughest potential alliances…but you aren’t there unless you were yourself one of the toughest potential alliances.

100% depends who shows up.

Isn’t the ‘ease’ of an event directly tied to the ratio of the number of teams attending, the number of teams per alliance, and the number of alliances in eliminations?
A championship division (4 teams per alliance, 8 alliances) is ‘easier’ than a regional (3 teams per division, 8 alliances) of similar size. A regional event (50-60 teams) is ‘harder’ than a district event (30-40 teams).

I do not think this is the right way to go about this.

For starters, you already split off FiM from the rest of districts. I understand that they are statistically more competitive, but that shouldn’t give them an automatic split from the rest of the districts. If we go that route we should split off a regional or two that’s consistently competitive. While we’re at it why don’t we remove outlier events in both regional and districts? Better yet, why don’t we just start looking at all of the regional’s from year to year and rank them that way?

What im trying to say is you cant just generalize. There are too many variables to be doing this.

lol, harsh