Ranking Point Clarification

Before I ask on the Q&A, what are your thoughts on:

Section 2, page 14, of the Game Manual: Ranking Points are awarded for the “number of times they reach… “, or “number of times they start …”. Section 4.3 implies only 1 RP is available per action.

Can you get 2 RPs for reaching 80k Pa?
I can’t see how you could start the Rotors more than once.

I think this was answered in another thread. The answer is no. You only get 1 RP once you reach 40 kPa

The nuance you are missing is that the sentence is not talking about those achievements on a “per-match” basis, but on a “per-qualification tournament” basis. You can only reach the 40 kPa threshold once in a single match, but you can reach that threshold up to 10 times if you have 10 qualification matches.

So, no, you can not get more than 1 RP for steam pressure and not more than 1 RP for rotors in a single match (but you can get both for 2 RP in addition to win-loss-tie).

Correct, here.