Ranking Points

As the first day of competition is officially underway, has there been a match where an alliance got a RP for the rotors or pressure?

If not, when do you think this will first occur in qualifications?

Really the only ranking points we’ve seen so far have come from winning. There have been a few where an alliance has reached mid thirties for the boiler, but they always end up losing due to lack of gears/climbs.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few matches where teams get the RP from the boiler, but I believe 4 rotors will be rare. But then again I could be wrong because blue alliance in Qualification match 30 of the Northern Lights came within two or three gears of achieving the 4 rotors. (But then again, they were a strong alliance, with an open field, and little to no defense played against them…)

Over all until later weeks these teams are simply looking for the win, unless getting the one boiler RP is their goal. Watch… Teams are going to start scoring 4 RP just to prove me wrong.

I’ve been seeing lots of 0.66 ranking points. How is this possible?

Also I’ve only been seeing 1 or two robots attempt shooting high in a single match. I haven’t seen any low level dumping bots yet. That might make a difference. The matches I’ve seen that have gotten 30 kPa have been one robot focusing on shooting high.

I really think the gears will come down to autonomous. No one has gone to place a gear on the side. I think getting 2 or 3 gears done before the 15 seconds end will be a huge advantage. I think we’ll see it week 4 or later.

1 win, 2 losses. 2 QP divided by the 3 matches is .66

I missed the part where it was a ratio this year.

Haven’t seen in the couple comps I’ve been watching but seems like fuel will get you the easiest, especially if you can hit a bunch in auto…

Not a SINGLE alliance in competitions as of yet have gotten the fuel or rotor RP.

Source - 2017 Tracker app has not listed any.

If so, IMO, it means the game scoring is poorly calibrated.

Or its calibrated for tiered levels of play

No, many teams’ strategic analyses are poorly calibrated. It’s been evident from the beginning of build season that it takes a high volume of fuel scored to get anywhere near the points of gears and rotors and the the high goal isn’t exactly an easy target.

I’m not particularly surprised by this development. Teams are still getting the hang of scoring gears and climbing in time. If they don’t nail those, they probably lose the match. Scoring 120 balls in a high goal is not a trivial task and until a higher level of play is reached (tomorrow afternoon?), gunning for 40 kPa will almost always be a losing strategy.

118 just hit a fuel RP

And 1 RP was just awarded for fuel in Hub City

The Blue Alliance in Q36 got 3 RP for 40kpa (exactly). I believe this is the first occurrence.

practicing for Champs?

I mean it seems like since they are the only team who did get 1kPa, they are def going to make it. LETS GO 118!!! We’re rooting for you. We’re also rooting for our 2016 alliance partner 263 Sachem Aftershock. Good luck at South Florida.

Correct – the first 13 seconds of the match can be viewed at their web site, https://ccisdrobonauts.org/ in the Tweets section (lower right). They bump the hopper, take the fuel, and machine-gun 32 of them into the high boiler. Nice!