Rankings beside team numbers in quali score display

Would anyone else like to see the ranking numbers beside the team numbers in the scoring panel during qualifiers on the First video feeds? I watch a fair number of events and it’s impossible to keep track of every team. It’d be a boon to me when watching and evaluating/pre-scouting teams.

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It’s shown in the pre-match display, but if you put it into the main panel it’ll get confusing. (I mean, more than usual). The new rank is also shown in the post-match display.

Events are realllllly hit and miss about showing that. Both at MV/WV I tired my best to show it but it was usually skipped by (i think) the scorekeeper and it went straight to the match display…

That is what TBA is for and firstinpires (and event rank screens + pre/post match)

Not all venues (Vernon in particular) have good connections to the outside world.

Ill just create a hotspot real fast…

For scouting live is not essential at events there is always a rank screen going

3/3 without one (afaik.) Ill let you know if one pops up at DCMP.

All good points, it hadn’t occurred to me that there may be technical limitations. When you’re trying to watch multiple events at a time it’s tough flipping back and forth between TBA and the feeds themselves, and you also often miss the pre or post match ranking updates. I guess I’ll just create a custom script to scrape TBA for the events I’m following and consolidate the top ~15 onto a single page that will auto-refresh to keep me up to date :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for all the replies.

TBA has an API so theres no need to scrape it.

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