Posted by Ed Lau at 04/10/2001 10:13 PM EST

Student on team #250, GE Dynamos, from Shenendehowa High School and GE.

I did a quick Excel sheet that lists all the teams at the National and sorted them by average score. This may not be the best way to rank all the teams, since it is somewhat difficult to compare teams between the divisions. But it’s a start, right? If anyone has any suggestions on making this better. Please do! :slight_smile:

Posted by Scott England at 04/10/2001 11:08 PM EST

Student on team #401, The Hokie G.U.A.R.D, from Virginia Tech/MCPS and Virginia Tech/VBEP.

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Posted by Ed Lau on 04/10/2001 10:13 PM EST:

Here’s is great listing of the results of each match at nationals, and the rankings of each team in their division. Not sure if you can thank team # 122 or the fine people at NASA Langley, but someone must have spent a lot of time making something this pretty/clean/easy to read and navigate.

Also, to get in my two cents, Despite what some people were saying about this year’s competition requiring even more luck to win, I strongly disagree, top seeded teams looked passed team rank to pick the robot that they felt best complimented the skills of their own robot and the best teams rose to the top by being the best despite what robots they were teamed with. And unlike last year, this year there is no doubt in my mind that the best team won, congrats team # 71,

Posted by Jeff Seaton at 04/12/2001 6:58 PM EST

Engineer on team #122, NASA Knights, from NASA Langley Research Center and NASA Langley.

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Posted by Scott England on 04/10/2001 11:08 PM EST:

The event information at http://robots.larc.nasa.gov is a combination of work done here at NASA Langley and the information that the new FIRST scoring system automatically placed on-line at the FIRST website this year. Here at NASA we worked with some of the people responsible for the scoring updates and took advantage of the data that was already on-line. We did some simple sorting and generated output HTML tables and pages that were updated every 10 minutes. Most of the credit goes to NASA Langley-guy and coach for team #122 John Evans who got this working the night before the NASA Langley/VCU regional to go along with the webcast. We look forward to working with FIRST to make this sort of thing even better next year (provided the game allows it!). If you have suggestions for data that would be useful to your team members that are “stranded” back at home during events, let us know.

Jeff Seaton
NASA Langley
Team #122

Posted by Mark Pierce at 04/16/2001 1:16 PM EST

Other on team #288, RoboDAWGS, from Grandville High School and X-Rite, Delphi, and others.

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Posted by Jeff Seaton on 04/12/2001 6:58 PM EST:

The match stuff was great… We watched it almost continually. The Web Cameras and video were also good, although I can’t seem to get a decent connection that isn’t blocked by Network policies for streaming video…

Thanks a lot.

In the way of sugestions, The information stopped at the matches. Even the FIRST site still does not have the winners of the Chairman’s, animation, etc. awards. Likewise, the comments announced when presenting awards are usually quite enlightening and newsworthy, but don’t seem to be reported or recorded anywhere. It would be nice to see these. It doesn’t have to be video, or even sound recording, it could be in transcript or press report style text.

Thanks again…