Rapid fire or Discrete shots?

In programming our robot we noticed that we had the chance to make the robot take discrete shots (where it could shoot a ball at a time or multiple depending on how long a button is pressed) or take rapid Fire shots (where it would shoot every ball it was carrying at that time). Ideally, the shooter would be shooting the balls at the same frequency in both scenarios, just the amount of balls shot and the control we have over that is what differs.

We were wondering what other teams decided was the best way to program the shooter.

Take one or two trial shots and then rapid fire the rest.

It’s important to be able to unload your full load of Power Cells as fast as possible, this is a cycling game. The fastest you can shoot them with the highest accuracy is generally the best move. (generally!)

That being said, you want to be able to stop firing Power Cells at a moments notice - if your robot is suddenly under defense and will start missing shots, it’s important not to waste Power Cells by firing them someplace that’s not On-Target.

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Basically came here to say what @brennan-macaig said. If you can shoot “rapid-fire” while you hold down the trigger but “discrete shots” if you quickly press and release the trigger, that seems like the best of both worlds.

While rapid fire is probably the best strategy, at this point in the season, choose what works best with your robot.

If your shooter wheel can keep up with the power demands of rapid firing, then you should do that. If the shooter wheel slows down a lot while rapid firing, then you should take single shots.

Exactly. You want to get all the balls in the goal as fast as you can. If you can make it happen without a delay to get the wheel back up to speed, you’ll do well.

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Whatever you can tune your system to do most effective. Differences in flywheel design, indexer design, loading system design, and shooting location will create different answers for different teams on this question.

What is the slowest part of your cycle? Driving and picking up balls.
What is the fastest part of your cycle? Shooting the balls.

Prove that you can be extreemly efficient at scoring all the balls first, optimize your driving and ball loading before thinking about shooting all the balls faster.

I know its fun to see 5 balls shot in less than a second, but if shooting them that fast wont give you time to fit in another cycle in, and you end up missing more shots, you are actually hurting your total score. Take your time and score the shots in the 3 point goal :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed. Each team is going to find the balance between rapid fire and discrete shots for themselves.

That being said, there’s not much point to unloading 5 Cells a second if only 2-3 of them are scored if you can take 1-2 discrete shots a second and make each one.

We run our feeder motor when the flywheel is within the acceptable rpm range to guarantee accuracy, and not a moment faster or slower.

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