Rapid React 3D Printable Field

I’ve seen that Automation Direct has released 3d printable versions of the robot field in previous years. Does anyone know if this will be a thing for Rapid React?


I had the same thought, and went looking for it to no avail. It looks like in the past they’ve released the 3d printed field 1-2 weeks after kickoff.


We didn’t think anyone was using the 3D printed field so opted not to create one this year.

If there is enough interest we would be happy to create one …


Speaking from my own experience, I have had a printed model of the field each year since 2018 that I and my team used for strategy. It gives a different perspective than a 2D map because height becomes a factor, and by moving little robots around, we could better visualize what the game would look like in its true form.

Also, it was useful for explaining the rules quickly to anyone. If it isn’t getting the exposure it needs, I’d put in my voice to encourage any team reading this to try and print the field.


That would be pretty awesome if its possible, I know our team usually used it

we loved to use it too and even printed to-scale versions of our own robot

same here.

We relied on the 3D models a lot last year. Please do make them! Thanks!

Thanks Guys, We’ll try to put something together …


Thanks, we appreciate it!

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Yes team 6722 would like one

How long did it take to print a 3d field in the past? I guess with only two elements, it may not be that much, but I do want to ask because we do not have our own printer at the moment.


Last time I did one in 2018 I think it took about 5 days across a 2-3 printers to get all the parts out, including the alliance stations and field side walls.

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Somethnever new this was available would like to see it

Definitely would like a 3d printed field. If you are taking requests for size a 1:12 would be ideal. We mock a 1:12 field every year to use in our labs as well as taking to competitions.


We print and use one for strategy and explanation/demonstrations every year, thanks for providing them, would love to have one that drops right into our existing 3d printed field walls again this year!!!

Thanks so much in advance, we all know time is money!

On the 3D field model, can you please make the items as boxy and simple as possible? IE, don’t model trusses, use a rectangular box that encloses the truss. Rounded corners to match the truss work fine too. Heck, gentle 45 degree sloped textures can make them look spiffy without being hard to print. Complicated openwork widgets are terrible to print with extrusion machines!


Gotcha covered - expect to see something tomorrow!