Rapid React 3D Printable Field

Thanks so much! Appreciate your connection and support of the community!

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You take a ~54 inch field mockup to competition?

yep. We have folding table that we built up to hold it. We find a quiet corner of the pit to set it up for everyone to use. It’s a little difficult to travel with but is nice to have for drive teams use when talking strategy


Team 6424 always prints. We would love to see one.

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When the cad model is available where would it be found?

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Oh for sure! I always print one for my team and would love to do another

We would love it, too! It’s great to have something to help visualize the field, especially for teams like us that do not have room to build a field at our meeting space.

Team 3824 would great appreciate a 3D printable field this year! I’ve always loved having the scale model to plan out strategies

Team 870 would be grateful. Thank you in advance

Is it the same 1/20th scale as last year? I’ve got the driver stations and field walls that could possibly be re-used if that’s the case. Thanks, 5010 is also looking forward to using this!

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Awesome! Where can we find it once it is posted?

Yes, you will be able to re-use last years Driver Stations and perimeter walls - that’ll save you a LOT of printing time …
We are finalizing the documentation and 3D printing now.
FIRST plans to put it in this Friday’s blog post.
I’ll post if here too for those of you that want to get a jump start - hopefully later today (waiting on the last few parts to print).


Awesome, thank you very much for this!

Hi Guys,

Go here for the RAPID REACT 3D Printed Field:

Let us know if you find any issues …

As usual, please remember this is a crude approximation of the game field that has been highly altered to make it easy to 3D print. Please don’t use it to make any design or game decisions.

We hope to see you in Houston!


Thank you so much for providing this! I will start printing one out today.

One minor problem - I notice that your field image shows the incorrect staging of the unloaded cargo. Understandable, since the initial Game Manual had the same error - corrected in Team Update #1. The 3 CARGO near each TERMINAL should be the opposite color than shown.

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That was a test to see if you were paying attention …


What resolution does the image need to be printed at to get the correct size? How big is the paper needed in that case?

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Adding to this, is it possible to get a PDF version of it? Ive printed it using Acrobat’s poster tool in the past

One of my mentors asked “So, to print full size field elements we will need to scale up 20x …”

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Thanks for doing this. I’m printing now.

Does anyone have a collection of 1:20 scale robots to put on the field?