Rapid React 3D Printable Field

Here’s some 1:20 models we put on our 2019/2020 scale field models.

(Change the .pdf to .stl and it should work. I’m not allowed to upload .stl files here)

Dozer and ou201-SCH.pdf (367.2 KB) 201-SCH-Climber-Down.pdf (380.6 KB) r 2019/2020 robot

20-1 3d printed model.pdf (224.2 KB) 20-1 3d printed model-short.pdf (242.0 KB) Dozer.pdf (261.3 KB)


Thanks for these, they look great! I had to reduce the scaling down to 5% (1:20) to get them to look the same size as the field, so I’m guess that’s the right scale. Dozer, I went 1:25 (4%). Working on printing 3 of them now. Maybe I’ll post a pic later.

Ready to play!


Just finished assembly and already the team is using it to discuss strategy.


Looks great, thankz for posting!

love the pipe cleaner rungs…

I worried that it is a bit fragile, but the kids are using it a lot and taking care. Next year build I will add “windows” to the side rails so that the playing pieces dont escape like the cargo does. Glad two of us made the effort.

Added PDF to file.

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You should be able to print it directly without scaling onto a D sized drawing format

I’m sure this is just me not configuring something correctly in Prusa Slicer (this is my first large print).

How to I get rid of the gap in the top of the mid rung hole?

I could not find the “Side wall thickness” or “Top and Bottom” settings which are supposed to be 0.4 mm.

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I don’t use prusa slicer so I can’t comment on that but that small of a gap should not affect it since whatever thing you put in will not have anything pushing it upwards and out of the hole.

I used Prusa Slicer and had the same gaps. (You can just make them out in the picture I posted above.) It didn’t affect anything.

Can you tell us a bit more how to do that? What is D size? Do you use multiple sheets and paste them together? Thanks.


ANSI D paper, like 17x34 ish? Edit: 22 or 24, not 17!
The metric A2 size is pretty close to it iirc

Yes, you’ll have to come up with some kind of taping together solution if you don’t have access to a large format printer.

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D size is 24x36 or 22x34 depending on the standard used.


I went down to 1:60 scale and made it all fit inside a 3D Print PLA box. I also scaled the hangar Z-axis by 318.65 (IIRC) to make it solid. Printed some flow-test boxes to hold Dozers. Had to chop the player-stations a little. The field is printed on regular 8.5x11 paper.