Rapid React FMS

There is any FMS for the Rapid React game I’m right now using the Cheesy arena and its not very good, there is any good other Forks or something?,
Thanks, Arnon

There is FMS Off-season but if you think cheesy-arena isn’t good then you’re in for a tough time.

Out of curiously, what do you find it to be lacking?


This Is not updated,
the last version in here is 2019 Deep Space,
I’m searching for something that will look just like the competitions FMS

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The most recent year’s FMS has not been released yet as far as I know. As I understand, HQ has a fairly severe lack of man-power(like many other places right now), as such there will likely be things that either get delayed or just completely are missed. Also, trust me… The headache in setting up and using off-season FMS is likely not worth it.

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Also, the 2021 version of Offseason FMS was released. Package can be found at TeamForge : File Release Summary

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Power move


They released a version for Rapid React.


“Look just like” in what way? Visual displays? Networking configuration? Field sensors? What problem are you trying to solve? If you can describe your problem better we’ll be more equipped to help you. As discussed in this thread, there are basically only two options: FIRST’s off-season FMS (not yet released for 2022) and Cheesy Arena (which is).


What do you need the FMS for?
Cheesy Arena is open source, so you should be able to modify it to make it look like the official FMS, although this is far beyond my level of skill (and probably isn’t worth the effort given the number of people who prefer cheesy arena’s UI to FIRST’s.)


I’ve found Cheesy Arena handles most tasks as well or better than FMS. As others have said, it would be great to hear what you want to solve for/be more like official FMS. Of course, you can also suggest changes since it’s open source.

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Visual Displays,
Also if i can make the Cheezy FMS look like The FRC FMS It will be easier

Audience display? Pit displays? On field displays (“team number signs”)? Scorekeeper interface? FTA interface?

Which of these things do you want to change, and in what way?

I think we might be lacking some context as to what you’re trying to accomplish. If you can explain how/why having the official FMS will make your task easier, it’ll likely help with us finding you a suitable solution.


It seems like you want an FMS that looks exactly like the official in-season FMS. Is that correct?

If that’s your primary criteria, then you’ll need to wait for Offseason FMS. It will be out when it comes out.

And it’s not as good as Chezy Arena.

Also: you can rent an official FMS from FIRST for offseason events. But you need an FTA for your event to do that as I recall.


I want it to look just like the official FMS in the scoring (which is less important)
and the Wining animation so it will look just like the Official FMS

Question: Why?

The animation, for what it’s worth, is pretty recent (think they really only started in 2017 maybe? 2018 for sure). In my opinion, it’s worthless–no value added. I’d rather just have the scores.


Agreed. With real-time scoring everyone who knows anything already knows who won by the time it plays.

I meant to say that the visual graphics are not like the official FMS this FMS is very good,
sorry for the misunderstanding.

As I recall, Chezy has some ability to change graphics. And sounds. And other things as needed.

Serious question: it sounds like your primary requirement for an FMS is that it “looks like the official FMS”. Is that correct, and if so, why is that so important?


Now released: TeamForge : List Releases

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