Rapid React FMS

what is special in this version?


Note: I wrote this post as Arnon. and not as a team or some thing else, if you understanded something else, its false, sorry for the misunderstanding

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The graphics were updated to rapid react

GitHub currently says that fork is 4 commits behind https://github.com/Team254/cheesy-arena, where 2022 graphics were added in February. I would advise pointing people to the upstream (Team254’s) repo at this point.


I need to clean up my branches there are few working test branches with different features.

  • If I recall my 2022_Rapid_React branch is very functional with my Raspberry Pi scoring.

  • The “winner” branch is terribly named and is my latest more fully featured branch. It looks like its missing my Raspberry Pi scoring. I have a few other projects que-ed up but soon I will be setting up my server in the car garage and getting some testing done.

Take a look at the network display. Network Graph · cpapplefamily/cheesy-arena · GitHub it will show the “100-foot” over view of were things sit.

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