Rapid React High Scores by District and Regional Group

So the splash page for Blue Alliance with the high scores for Championships (and that joke humans only match) got me thinking about what the high scores were for the different districts and groups of regionals. After a bit of digging through the event stats at Blue Alliance I was able to compile what seems like the definitive list of high scores. Some of this is necessarily arbitrary, like my groupings of regional events by geography, but otherwise the criteria were pretty straightforward: I looked for the highest score in each district or group, regardless of event or level of play, then I eliminated all scores that had 20 or more penalty points, since these would be skewed away from alliances that had scored well on their own. Surprisingly, that was not something that caused a change in the high scores in almost every grouping. The results are listed below, by district or group, listing the event and match that had the high score and linking to the Blue Alliance page for each match. This is followed by a YouTube playlist compiling all the available video of the matches in the same order (the top scoring matches for Ontario district, Southern California, and Canada are either not savable or are not available.)

First off, here is the doc laying out my regional event groupings, complete with all regionals and their high scores listed. It’s basically an attempt to group regionals by their geographic association, though I’m sure there will be some objections. I tried to keep the number of groups to roughly the same as the number of districts. I also tried to keep the groups to a reasonable size so that the number of events didn’t exceed that of the smaller districts. Of course, some of the regional groups are small, since they’re geographically isolated (Turkey is a great example of this) but I couldn’t find a good reason to justify lumping these in with other groups.

Next, here is the list of the high scoring events, starting with the districts and then with the regional groups, each listed with the high score in question:

FIRST in Michigan
FIRST in Michigan State Championship - Consumers Energy Division Q5

FIRST Chesapeake
FIRST Chesapeake District Championship Q87

FIRST in Texas
FIRST In Texas District Championship - Mercury Division Q40

FIRST Indiana
FIRST Indiana State Championship Q12

FIRST Israel
FIRST Israel District Championship Q57

FIRST Mid-Atlantic
FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Championship Q60

FIRST North Carolina
FIRST North Carolina District State Championship SF2-1

New England FIRST
New England FIRST District Championship - Calcium Division Q59

FIRST Ontario
FIRST Ontario Provincial Championship QF1-2

Pacific Northwest FIRST
Pacific Northwest FIRST District Championship Q84

Peachtree District State Championship Q51

Northern California Regionals
Sacramento Regional SF1-2

Southern California Regionals
Los Angeles Regional Q41

Southwest Regionals
Las Vegas Regional Q55

Mountain West Regionals
Utah Regional Q73

North Central
Great Northern Regional Q59

South Central
Bayou Regional QF1-2

Smoky Mountains Regional Q21

Midwest Regional Q55

New York
SBPLI Long Island Regional #2 QF1-1

Festival de Robotique Regional Day 3 F2

Asian Pacific
Southern Cross Regional Q55

Bosphorus Regional QF1-2

Finally, here is the link to the YouTube playlist for the event videos:

I hope everyone finds this little excursion into Rapid React history useful, or at least amusing.


what do you mean it isint 199?


That 191 was a miscount due to a faulty sensor recording extra cargo


Do you know what the corrected score was?

Edit: as it turns out, the correct score is 156. That makes Q57 the high score match at 169 (which is a correct score, at least by my count.)

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I only watched it once, but that looks more like a 143 to me. The sensor went haywire right around when the 12th cargo for red was scored. Interestingly, it seemed to undercount autonomous. They actually shut down the field later to recalibrate the sensors.

I’ll take a look at it and try the manual count (not always easy with some of the videos.)

This one wasn’t too hard, I just didn’t want to put too much time into it. There were quite a few scores over this one, though. I’d just see what was 2nd on the list.

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Took a look and did my own count. You’re right that the sensors were miscounting, and not just for that match. My count has the score for Q40 at only 129. The next highest match should have been Q18 with a score of 147, but that’s also a miscount, as the video shows only a score of 137. It looks like the actual high score for APTIV Division was Q8, with a score of 146 (which the FMS undercounted at 142.) Turns out the actual FIRST in Michigan high score was in Q5 of the Consumers Energy Division with 170. I’ll amend the list accordingly.


159, I counted 42 teleop balls from the video.


Pretty sure the Indiana District High score was 130 Q12 at the State champs. What was your criteria?


130 unpenalized Q12 INCMP


Not surprised, 292 and 4926 together? Scary good.


Yeah, I just missed that one. Changed the list to Q12.

FIRST israel district champ Q62 had 191 point for blue alliance, with 8 panelty points. pretty sure that’s also the world high score.

That 191 was a miss count of cargo. They didn’t replay the match because the outcome would have been a blue win even if it counted correctly. They should’ve just replayed the match since it was screwing with the world record


Just curious, what are the criteria for a match to be replayed? At PCH State Champs, Q29 was replayed even though the field fault didn’t change the outcome for the match, with the reason cited that the incorrect real time scoring affected the losing alliances match strategy.

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Not sure of the exact criteria for everything all that i know is what was stated about the 191 match

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I think it may actually be basically the same criteria that motivated both the PCH DCMP Q29 replay and the lack of one for Israel DCMP Q62. What it comes down to is the PCH match could have had it’s outcome affected by the discrepancy in scoring, where the Israel match couldn’t have. The Q62 match was very lopsided in favor of the winning alliance and even the accurate score for them would still have been more than double the losing alliance’s score (156-65), so not much point in replaying it.

Section 11.3 of this years game manual.

Those better informed than I can chime in here, but I recall the audience display being completely “unofficial” with regards to the official score of a match. Although a quick peruse of the 2022 manual isn’t bringing up a clear/official ruling here.

This would also bring up the issue of audience displays being biased towards either red or blue depending on your venue (some venues put the audience display directly behind a driver station wall). I recall this being discussed a few years back (Edit: found the thread I was thinking of).

So if these displays are showing “official” live scores, than should it not be a requirement of venues/events to ensure both alliances have equal access/views to the live score?

The criteria for a match replay changed on March 15th, with the release of Team Update 17.

The audience display is completely unofficial, and the scores are not to be trusted by the drive team. However, the field does have an official method for determining how many cargo has been scored. In fact, it is shown at every driver station. If that is not working as intended, it could be counted as an arena fault. If that arena fault has a dramatic effect on points used for ranking criteria, then it can be determined to be a replay.